Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Spiritual Implications of Entanglement

In 2005, scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Boulder, Colorado, coaxed six atoms into spinning together in opposite directions at the same time.  This event represented a successful Schrodinger-cat scenario as well as obvious evidence for quantum entanglement.  Then scientists at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena were able to produce an experiment in which two groups of 100,000 atoms 10 feet apart became entangled, showing that larger more complicated systems can also become entangled.
What is entanglement?  It’s when two particles are separated by some distance, and stimulating one of the atoms in some way produces the same effect in the other atom even though they are not in contact nor in close proximity.  It proves that there is some unseen force that connects all subatomic particles, and by inference, all things that exist.
Admittedly, experiments that investigate this phenomenon are still going on and there is much still to learn.  But the possible situations that this explains are phenomenal and very exciting.  It means things that we used to credit with being “supernatural” are simply quantum physics at work.
Our universe is made up on the most fundamental level by an energy system that is within our control. We can manipulate it ourselves and produce changes previously thought to be in the realm of miracles,science fiction or magic.  But it’s not magic, and it is not controlled by gods or spirits.  It’s perfectly explainable, and soon will be within our grasp.
This situation produces within me excitement on so many different levels. First of all, it tells me that we are not at the mercy of forces which are uncontrollable and which we cannot understand.  True, we are still learning, but we can see that understanding everything about our universe is within our grasp, given enough time.  We do not need to feel that we live in a universe that does not make sense. When our lives are out of control, there is a reason. And we can fix it.
It is true that perhaps at this moment you are not personally in possession of the tools you need to fix the problems in your life that seem out of control, but you can take heart that the tools do exist or are being developed. We are only now starting to understand exactly how to manipulate energy in our bodies and in our personal environment to our own advantage.  Bruce Lipton, in “The Biology of Belief” showed how that the surface of every cell in our bodies contain little signaling devices for receiving and transmitting signals to other cells, thereby allowing us to control and manipulate our bodies functions with our thoughts and beliefs.  Many techniques, such as Psych-K, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and the Accu-Balancing Technique from my own book, “Own Your Life Again” can be used to manipulate the body’s energy system to produce the desired results in one’s life.  As time goes on, other techniques will be developed, and we will learn how to produce entanglement on larger and larger scales.
All supernatural events, such as prophetic or psychic ability and miracles, now have an explanation. No gods or spirits are necessary to produce such effects.  No belief in ancient spiritual texts are necessary, and adherence to a religious system is not important.  There is no reason for one religion to be pitted against another as they are all simply ancient man’s way of explaining scientific phenomenon he did not understand. Quantum mechanics, energy psychology and energy medicine, and other systems for understanding and manipulating energy and matter are the important areas of study now.
Where does that leave spirituality?  Spirituality is simply the search for meaning in everyday life.  There is a vast ocean of meaning when you apply quantum mechanics to our world.  Nature is a beautiful and enigmatic place, but the fact that we are now discovering what makes it tick does not take away the fabulous and wondrous nature of it.  Realizing there is an energetic connection between humans, the elements, the animals, the plants, the stars, the planets, the very dark matter that makes up so-called “empty” space….this is all very meaningful and makes us appreciate ourselves and our place in the universe.  Our universe is full of fantastic variety and diversity, which makes us appreciate life all the more.
What is our purpose for being here?  To discover how everything works, and to appreciate our connection to it all.  To live with passion and joy.  To make the world a better place for others. What other meaning do we need?

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