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Autonomous, Unassisted Childbirth

Many  women today are choosing to  take responsibility for their own births.  They are learning to trust their bodies to know how to give birth.  While they are glad that medical technology and doctors are there when there is a real need, they are realizing that pregnancy is not an illness and does not require a doctor's care, and that birth is a private and intimate experience that should only be shared with those closest to you.

Many women who choose Autonomous Childbirth choose to deliver their own babies alone, sometimes without even the company of their husbands, family, or friends.
All the knowledge that you need in order to give birth is within you.  You must simply learn to listen to that sacred, inner knowing which tells you exactly what to do.  

However, in order to overcome the cultural programming which leads women to doubt their inner wisdom, most women who are going to take responsibility for their own health and births do a lot of research and studying.  All the information you need is available to you, and you don't have to be a doctor to understand it.  Every pregnant woman is completely competent to take over her own care, and to make decisions about her own health.

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Want to see some statistics I have collected from women who have had a planned, unassisted birth?   Click Here .  These stats are extremely positive.

What are some of the reasons that someone would want to give birth unassisted?
First of all, many of the routine hospital procedures can actually cause more harm in the long run than if the woman's body was allowed to labor and deliver as it sees fit.  Many women object to these procedures and want to avoid them.  Also, since not every woman gestates for the same length of time, any decisions about whether a baby is late or not are arbitrary.  Many women are tired of being induced with pitocin and having a labor from hell, especially when babies can be born normally and naturally without intervention when the babies decide it is the right time.  By looking at the statistics I have gathered, you will see that we have women in our group who give birth anywhere from 35 to 44 weeks with no complications.  I am even aquainted with women who have gestated for 47 weeks with no complications.  This is possible when a woman has had excellent nutrition and has prepared herself physically, mentally and emotionally.  Women are tired of their wishes and beliefs about birth not being honored and respected.  They realize that many hospital procedures which doctors are required to adhere to are more about avoiding malpractice suits than about what is really best for the woman and baby.  Many women are not willing to be pawns in this game any more.  Pregnancy is a perfectly natural, normal function of a woman's body.  

I realize that there are people who can cite terrible stories about births in which the mother and baby almost died, and were saved by medical intervention.  And for every one of those stories, I can suggest to you several reasons why that birth trauma could have been avoided.  This is not to belittle anyone's experience, but simply to let you know that the are alternatives.  Childbirth does not have to be a nightmare, and complications do not have to happen.  They are not things that just "happen"....they are caused by something.  In most cases, we can eliminate the cause.   Doctors will tell you that they don't know why certain complications happen.  However, if you hang around this website, and learn more about your body's abilities, you will certainly see why complications happen.

Childbirth is a powerful, intimate experience.  It does not fit into a pathological paradigm.  It is a normal, natural event, special and sacred.    I hope you will continue browsing through this website and learn more.

    Unassisted Childbirth - Laura Kaplan Shanley

    Enjoy reading about the unassisted birth of Laura's four
    children.  Laura has then gone on to become a leader in
    the unassisted childbirth or freebirth movement.  

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