Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Building a Birth Kit


Things from home, such as a comfortable quilt, flower arrangement, pictures

Warm socks
Diffuser with essential oils
Tape Player and music
Olive oil for perineal massage
Crockpot and washcloths
Copy of Birth Plan
Phone Numbers and change
Light snack such as whole grain crackers, fruit
Clear liquids such as apple juice, herbal tea with honey, filtered water
Nightgown, robe, slippers
Unpetroleum jelly to keep your lips from chapping
Tennis ball or rolling pin for massage
Personalized essential oil mixtures for massage
2 Plastic combs for depressing palm pressure points
Goldenseal powder for umbilical cord
Underwear, toilet articles
Camera, extra film, batteries
Going home clothes for you and baby
Nursing Bras
Receiving Blankets
Infant Car Seat - some hospitals provide these

Home Birth

You will need everything on the hospital list except probably the phone numbers and change.  In addition, you may also need:

Shepherd's Purse Tincture or Extract - to stop bleeding or,

My favorite choice: Homemade Cayenne Tincture, stops bleeding almost immediately!
Homemade Lobelia Tincture:  in case of stalled labor, failure to progress, or cervix that won't dilate.
Container for placenta - plastic bowl is good
Two shoelaces and a pair of scissors for tying and cutting the cord
Plastic backed sheets, or a shower curtain liner to put on the bed under some old sheets
Superglue for repairing small perineal tears
For lotus birth, salt and rosemary to put on the placenta, and a cloth diaper to carry it in.
Stocking cap for baby
Sanitary napkins for mom postpartum
Absorbent underpads like Chuks, or old towels
Diapers and diaper covers

Although these supplies are nice to have, the fact of the matter is that you really can give birth without any of them.  If the birth happens while you are away from home, someone can take off their shirt to wrap the baby in, and a shoelace can be removed from someone's shoe to tie the umbilical cord.  Nothing else is really required.  The rest of the supplies are just comfort and cleanup measures.

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