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Children and Illness

When our children are ill, of course we are going to be concerned.  However, in some situations our bodies give off a smell which the child can intuitively recognize and this can make them more frightened about the situation.  Try to trust that your child's body knows how to heal itself.  Using essential oils will only assist the child's body in this process.  Your confident state will be sensed by your children, and they will benefit from it.

Illness inevitably results from the build-up of toxins in the body.  Essential oils will often help to move these toxins out of the body.  This is assisted by the diet of the child.  The acid-alkaline balance is very important, and this balance is promoted best by the eating of low-toxin foods.  The foods children usually love, which include breads, biscuits and sweets, are very acid-producing.  It is best to counteract this by helping them to consume low toxin, alkaline pH foods, such as fruits.  Of course, breastfed babies should continue on breastmilk, this is healthiest for them.  But older children and adults should consume fruits as part of the detoxification process.  All plants contain naturally occurring toxins, but fruits contain the lowest amounts.  They are also full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes which support the immune system.

A good dietpurified water to drink, proper exercise and spending some time out in the sunshine every day, proper rest, and a stress-free environment promote the highest level of health, and assist the essential oils to do their jobs.

The following twenty oils have been selected as those that are safest and most effective for children.  However, they are also effective for adults, and if you keep these oils on hand they can basically become your home medicine chest, replacing over-the-counter substances completely.  All the oils have antiseptic properties, some more than others.  So if you are out of one, you can effectively substitute almost any of them if germ-killing properties are your main concern.

Essential oils are usually administered by vaporizors, candle diffusors, massage by dilution in a carrier oil, water baths, plasters, and direct application.

The Twenty Basic Aromatherapy Oils

Name                                Latin Name
Cedarwood                    Cedrus atlantica
Roman Chamomile       Chamaemelum nobile
Cypress                          Cupressus sempervirens
Frankincense                 Boswellia carteri
Geranium                       Geraniaceae
Ginger                            Zingiber officinale
Gully Gum Eucalyptus   Eucalyptus smithii
Lavender                        Lavandula angustifolia
Sweet Marjoram            Origanum majorana
Rosemary                      Rosmarinus officinalis
Rose Otto                      Rosa damascena, Rosa centifolia
Rosewood                     Aniba rosaeodora
Sandalwood                  Santalum album
Tea Tree                        Melaleuca alternifolia
Sweet Thyme                Thymus vulgaris
Ylang Ylang                    Cananga odorata
Bergamot                       Citrus bergamia
Lemon                            Citus limon
Mandarin                        Citrus reticulata
Sweet Orange               Citrus aurantium var. sinensis

Some Common Childhood Complaints

Here are some helpful hints on using essential oils with a few of the most common childhood complaints.

ConditionTreatmentsCarrier OilsEssential OilsRecipes
Common ColdBaths
Neck and Chest Rubs
Carrot (inflammation)
White Lotion
Eucalyptus Smiithii
Rose Otto
Tea Tree
Sweet Thyme
Chest rub:
20 ml hypericum oil
30 ml sunflower oil
4 drops tea tree
2 drops lemon
2 drops rose otto
Chest massage
Direct application
White lotion
Euclyptus Smiithii
Lavender (for spasmodic coughs)
Sweet Marjoram
Sweet Thyme
Chest rub:
20 ml hypericum oil
30 ml sunflower or
50 ml white lotion
3 drops sandalwood
2 drops sweet marjoram
2 rops sweet thyme
CroupDirect Application to neck and chest
Inhalation - tissue
Vaporization in addition
to plenty of Steam
Tepid Bath for fever
White lotionEucalyptus Smiithii
Sweet Marjoram
Sweet Thyme
Inhalation mix for tissue and vaporization:
2 drops Eucalyptus Smiithii
1 drop Sweet Marjoram
1 drop Rosewood
Inhalation: panic attacks
Avocado, hypericum, lime blossom, sunflowerBergamot
Roman Chamomile
Sweet Marjoram
Sweet Orange
Rose Otto
Sweet Thyme 

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