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Children's Health and The New Religion of Medicine

The United States was formed to insure religious freedom for all.  As a result, a person can participate in any form of religion that they choose, or they can choose not to participate in religion at all.  However, there is a new religion, an institutionalized religion, which every person is expected to participate in.  If a person chooses not to participate in these institutionalized rituals, they are often subject to ridicule, harassment, and even legal action.  If a person chooses not to allow their children to participate in these institutionalized rituals, they are often subject to legal action and in some instances even have their children taken away from them.  This is the way of the New Religion - Medicine.

Doctors are the high priests of this new religion.  I call it a religion because of the fanatical devotion that people in the West give, and are expected to give, to this institution.  People are expected to consult their doctors before they do anything....from taking a walk around the block to putting their children to bed at night.

Parents have become fanatical in their acceptance of and even their demand for medical care, even though it may be detrimental to their children.  Some examples are:
If a child has a fever, the parent takes the child to the doctor and expects the doctor to do something.  Chances are that the child has a cold or a viral infection, in which case there is nothing the doctor can do.  But because the parent expects the doctor to do something, they often do two things:  give acetaminophen to bring down the fever (which makes the illness last longer because fever is required for the body to heal itself) and give an antibiotic, even though antibiotics do not have any affect on colds or viral infections, and will ultimately weaken the immune system itself.  In my opinion, it is tantamount to malpractice to prescribe a drug or treatment that one knows will have no effect, and still accept payment for such treatment.  But doctors admit that this happens all the time in America.  Parents expect a treatment, and telling them that their child will get better faster without treatment is just not something most doctors do.

Parents have accepted as fact the assertion by doctors that vaccinations are necessary for their child to avoid the supposed dangers of infectious diseases.  As a result, parents allow their children to be injected with potentially life-threatening substances, just taking it on "faith" that these drugs will have a beneficial effect.  Faith is an essential element in any religion.  The only way one can take these vaccinations is with a giant dose of faith, because most people do not actually research these drugs to find out about how they are manufactured, nor about their potentially dangerous side effects.  For instance, in order to make these vaccines, the live germ must be weakened for human consumption.  To do this, the germs are passed through animal tissues several times.  Measles virus is passed through chicken embryos, polio virus through monkey kidneys, and the rubella virus through human diploid cells - which is another name for the dissected organs of aborted fetuses.  These processes are documented in the literature.  Then toxic substances such as mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde are added.  Also, when the virus or bacteria is passed through the animal tissue, some of the DNA and RNA or the animal is often picked up on the cells, and when injected into the human body, this can cause allergic reactions. 

One must have faith in the medical model of healing.  The medical model basically says that the things that make a person sick come from outside a person....bacteria, viruses, fungi....all enter the body and make a person sick.  Getting well is only a matter of killing the organism which infected the person.  This model overlooks the fact that the body is equipped with a system which keeps those organisms at bay, and that by a person's lifestyle, they can damage this system so that it cannot adequately protect them.  The germ theory, or medical model, takes away a person's responsibility for their own health.  It forces people to rely upon doctors as the "experts" who can detect which organism is making them sick, and prescribe the adequate agent to kill the organism.  There are literally millions and billions of different kinds of organisms out there.  It does not make sense to try and develop a destructive agent to kill each one.  Rather, it makes more sense to keep the immune system in top working condition so that it keeps at bay all those billions of kinds of organisms.

If one has faith in the medical model, one will always need to go to a doctor for help.  If one has faith in their own body's ability to heal itself without medicine, one can then take responsibility for one's own health, and do that which will prevent disease, thereby eliminating the need for Western medicine and the doctor.  In the United States, each person has a fundamental right to choose which religion they will believe in and practice.  If this is the case, then they must also have the fundamental right to choose NOT to believe in the medical model or in doctors, and not to practice the western medical religion.  And, they should not be penalized for this by being prosecuted or by having their children taken away.
Alternative models of healing are very prevalent, especially in other parts of the world.  The West is very arrogant if they believe that their model is the best or the only one which is valid.  The United States brags that it has the best medicine in the world.  Well, if I was in a car accident or cardiac arrest, of course I agree that the United States has superior emergency medical technology, and if I were in such a situation of course I would avail myself of it, since one has nothing to lose if the only other alternative is death.  However, when one is not in an emergency situation, the body is perfectly capable of healing itself, if a person will simply assist the body in it's healing process instead of getting in the way.  Sadly, much of the drugs, treatments, and surgical procedures available today actually impede the healing process rather than assist it.  For that reason, a person is much better off being their own physician rather than visiting a licensed one.

Notice that I am not advocating practicing medicine without a license, or advocating receiving treatment from "alternative" health care providers either.  I am simply advocating that everything you need to know to be your own physician is available to you, and you can do a very good job of it on your own.

The law of parsimony says that, all else being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.  Well, which one seems study for years and years to learn about all the potential diseases and their potential cures or treatments, or to simply learn how to take care of your body so you don't get sick?  Common sense can tell us that answer.

So, if you believe, as I do, that our healthcare system poses major hindrances to your health, happiness, peace and prosperity, stick around.  Emancipated Healthcare is about breaking free from the hindrances of traditional medical treatment and learning to care for yourself in your own way. 

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