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Cry of the Heart: Stop Hurting the Children

Cry of the Heart
Stop Hurting the Children
reprinted by permission of Dr. Mark Sircus

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For the Sake of HumanityCan you imagine the economic and political import of discovering that immunizations are killing thousands of babies?
Dr. Douglass, M.D.
      There is no pride in being part of a race of beings that will sacrifice its own young and little forgiveness for those who actually plunge poison into a newborn babies just as they arrive on earth. The truth that is being hidden from us is quite horrible and shames the very nature of our humanity. The truth is that near every one of us is an office or clinic that lines up babies for injection of highly dangerous compounds consisting of some of the most toxic substances known to man, and these 'poisons' are responsible for a growing number of deaths and an epidemic of neurological disorders like autism, various learning disabilities, immune disorders, diabetes, asthma and a host of allergies and other problems considered minor and rare by health officials, but conceded in full on every slip of paper that accompanies each vaccine vile. "For doctors ignorance is no excuse: the information is there right under their noses. It is all in knowing what to look for," states Dr Sherri Tenpenny, a board certified osteopathic physician and practitioner of emergency medicine. It is appalling to realize that most parents and doctors are ignorant to the facts and seem to prefer to remain so.  Most people do not want to take the time to educate themselves about the dangers of vaccinations and the medical community prefers to keep it this way.
      Either there is an unprecedented increase in the number of people who commit infanticide or early childhood vaccinations are causing not only an alarming number of deaths, but also an epidemic of other disorders that have no other explanation.
           Western medicine has somehow turned us into 'civilized' savages, into a society that injects poison into newborns. The same people who thought cigarettes were fine have us convinced that the liquid in vaccination vials is healthy. They would have us believe that concoctions containing mercury, formaldehyde, neomycin, streptomycin, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, sorbitol, hydrolyzed gelatin and 'other' substances mixed together actually holds some great benefit to humanity.
      The life of a newborn baby is as fragile as tissue paper, vulnerable to violence, uncaring and ignorance, especially medical violence, uncaring and ignorance.
           It is not a moment to poison a child, not on the first day, nor on any day of their lives. Yet the sum total of modern day medical intelligence would have us do exactly that, would have us risking our children without information as to the 'known risks' we are taking when we let doctors and nurses plunge hypodermic needles into their tender young bodies. So afraid of the truth are they that we are denied information, denied ready access to the truths that can help us avoid mountains of suffering and rivers of tears. We can only think the worst of the people and organizations that are arrogant enough to ridicule parents and other organizations that are desperately trying to bring the truth to the forefront of public consciousness. And what we should think of the same people who would actually accuse parents of murder rather than admit that vaccinations are causing terrible harm is difficult to conceptualize.
      Are we allowing babies to be risked on the alters of medical tables in clinics all over the world?
      The vaccination story is a difficult issue to get involved with because if we admit to ourselves that vaccines are bringing serious harm and misery to young children and their families we have a moral obligation to demand a change in common medical practice; but this brings us face to face with a powerful, ruthless political medical money machine that is not democratic or open to any truth but its own. It brings us face to face with our own fears and weaknesses as well as the religion of medicine, with its many fallacies and false assumptions. It is our personal involvement in the fight against the indecency of such things, against the hurt of others that marks our evolution and growth as beings. In the fight against vaccines we are not yet showing high-grade marks, not demonstrating the quality of consciousness that would organize like Gandhi or Martin Luther King would. We are not pouring out into the streets or demonstrating in front of vaccination clinics, not doing many things that need to be done to bring this sad chapter of human history to a close. We hardly even communicate with each other on deep and meaningful levels, even in the many virtual groups dedicated to this subject.

When you take a look at the ever-increasing numbers of doses
of vaccines babies have gotten over the past two decades and you
see this corresponding rise in chronic disease and disability
in our children, it is out of control.Barbara Loe Fisher
President of the National Vaccine Information Center

           Practicing physicians are expected to unquestionably endorse the safety of vaccines under all circumstances and to all individuals. This compromises the integrity of their work and puts them in an untenable situation with their souls for when pediatricians and other health officials' refrain from warning the public about risks out of fear that parents will stop immunizing their children, they are using the full powers of their positions to participate in the serious harm of infants. One parent reported that when he pressed his pediatrician to the wall about the dangers of vaccines his pediatrician broke and said, "I would lose my license if I told you how dangerous vaccines really are." This is typical of the great pressure that is applied to physicians and nurses around the globe, vaccinate or fold up shop.

The test of the morality of a society
is what it does for its childrenDietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945)

         It is truly a sad day for humanity when it puts its own children at risk, and profoundly incredible that most people will not take a clear and careful look at the information available, preferring to remain ignorant and thus condemning an unknown amount of newborns to suffering and sometimes death.  Scientists, researchers and many parents are giving us reasons to wake up to a nightmare happening in nurseries and pediatrician offices around the world. It is difficult, and will get more and more difficult to drive by our local health care centres or pediatrician offices without feeling something, without a feeling of great unease. There is a great price to pay for our uncaring and inactivity in this area. To allow this to continue, to not stand up and join in non-violent battle is to sacrifice not only more babies, but our own caring sensitivity as well. Though it comes as a complete and unbelievable surprise to most people that doctors and nurses are participating in an agenda organized by pharmaceutical companies and their counterparts in federal agencies like the Center for Disease Control (CDC), we need to get over the shock and get to work righting a great wrong. We need a revolution to confront the lockstep thinking about vaccination programs, we need to get tough in a non-violent way with forces that would sacrifice children's lives and health.

The CDC is a disgrace. It is a corrupt organization.
The drug companies have them on their payroll.Stephen A. Sheller
Philadelphia attorney who has sued vaccine makers.

                It is very clear in my mind that the answer is a new level of human organization, a new level of communication that brings together beings from around the world with the dual purpose of protecting the most vulnerable elements of our race, our children, from a great harm that is forced on them, coupled with the purpose of bringing mankind itself to a new level of intelligence and love. There are so many issues to deal with in this new century but we need to start with the basics, with the protection of life, with the babies that we are bringing into this world. If we do not protect them, if we cannot bring a loving care and empathetic compassion to their needs what good are the rest of our struggles. There needs to be a general revolution against established powers that have set themselves up and profit from the suffering of others. This revolution is necessary for many reasons in many areas of life but we need to prove ourselves worthy of better systems by being better people and there is no better way of showing that then standing up and giving attention to what is happening to the little ones.
           In reality is should be the easiest revolution ever won. What better cause than a revolution for the children. Gandhi set himself up against the English empire forcing them to abandon their colony and much of their riches and power at the same time. It was a political revolution that ended with Indians murdering each other to the count of many millions. He had to witness it all and had to almost starve himself to death to get them to stop murdering each other. Who is starving themselves for the children? Are we really caring about them or do we have so many other more important things in our minds to occupy our attention and to justify a minimum level of activity and co-operation with others in this area. Now another Gandhi or King will not do for we need a whole group of people gathering together in a way that will create a power that will not be denied. It's a battle for the children, a war of wills, and a test of our souls.
           Perhaps in the end we will loose the great fight for light on our planet. Perhaps we will destroy ourselves; obviously we are well on our way in many areas from melting our ice caps to polluting our waters and seas, to not paying attention to over population issues and fresh supplies of water sufficient for human life. Actually it's a long list so we need an appropriate starting point and what better one than the one that centres on the first moments and months of human life. If we cannot stop the poisoning there its really doubtful we will anywhere else.
           There are many people making a fortune out of what is wrong with life and not that much to be made from what is right. There is no profit in fighting for what is right, only our reward that our own highest self will mirror back to us. It really would not take that much to overthrow those who would harm little babies with the mistaken propagandist belief in the supreme good of vaccines. There is no separating out the supposed good of vaccines from the nerve poisons that are put in them to increase shelf life and reduce costs. Yet our minds separate and fragment on every level of life and so we can fool ourselves about this and many other things. Our minds, personalities and egos are so attuned to separation that even when it comes to an issue that can be boiled down to the poisoning of newborn infants, we cannot drop our separations and gather in a great gathering of beings. It would not take that much to stop them from hurting the children, but perhaps we are so alienated from our empathy and compassion, so separate from our true selves that any little effort is just too much. In this I am talking to all of us no matter how much effort we are making in this regard.  For even those few who are committed can do more. Even they can communicate and organize, stretch and expand in new areas with new people. Each of us can do more, each of us needs to do more. Babies incarnating to earth deserve our purest love and they need it. What they do not need are vaccinations starting from day one that contain even trace amounts of poisons. And they certainly do not need to be subjected to it for no reason, which is the clear case for the hepatitis B, which is not a child hood disease that they need to be protected from.

by Dr. Mark Sircus Ac., OMD

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