Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dealing with Pregnancy and Birth Trauma

Many women who have given birth in hospitals and in the attendance of medical caregivers often have traumatic experiences that follow them into other births or into the rest of their daily lives. It's tragic that these things have to happen to women.

However, one effective way I have found to deal with these issues is through ABT (Accu-Balancing Technique).  This is a self-help technique you can learn that involves tapping on certain energy points of the body while saying an affirmation designed to resolve the negative event.

The reason we have continuing negative consequences or emotions stemming from a particular event is because of an energy imbalance in the body created by our reaction to the event.  All that is necessary is to balance the body's energy disruption and remove blockages that are causing the negative emotions and the trauma can be released.  Even if you think you have emotionally put the issue behind you, there is such a thing as cellular memory, and this is imprinted on your cells.  Your cells turn genes on and off based upon the energy signals they receive from your perception of the environment, and if it was an unpleasant situation for you, this can affect your physical responses to similar situations in the future.

Here is a brief description of a short version of ABT. 

The description at the link above can be used for any situation, you must simply alter the affirmation to reflect your current state.  Target the trauma you are feeling with the affirmation. 

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