Thursday, September 11, 2014

Diane - A Quiet, Peaceful Passage

It all happened pretty fast actually. First I saw gelly brown blood,
and I started taking the false unicorn root. I had been cramping all
weekend but the false unicorn had stopped it and even stopped it

I had bled a little with my son as well and with him I immediately
ran into the emergency room to see what the hell was happening. They
told me there that if I got a positive pregnancy test, that the blood
was just normal and nothing to worry about. SO I took that advice
yesterday. But I admit I already had a bad feeling because I couldn't
sleep at all the night before, just like I couldn't get comfy and
couldn't figure out why.

So anyway, I took that advice. I went into the pregnancy center and
requested another test [I had already had 2 strong positive ones, i
figured that if this one was negative then I had already stopped
producing HCG, and thus baby was already dead]. They didn't
understand why [I wanted yet another test], but I didn't feel
the need to explain anyway [at least not right then]. The test came
back negative that time, so I knew then that the baby had already died.
When I got home I just propped my feet up and stopped taking the
false unicorn to let it pass in its own time. Later that night, my body
got all relaxed. After that I really started to hurt, BAD and I sat on the
toilet, and I [watched] my baby pass. She was a glob of pinkish red
gelatinous mass [with a little seahorse curved shape].

I felt no need to go in for a D&C because right after the passage the
bleeding all but stopped and the cramping pain ceased. The only pain
that was left was the possibility that there would be no November
baby, and since it is so late in March, probably no December baby or a
January one either! I have to wait a whole year for another one to
pass my way again.

As for the pregnancy center [a pro-life counseling center and
prenatal clinic where I volunteered twice a week] (which is staffed
with a midwife), when I finally told them what was going on, they
dropped everything they were doing and enclosed me in a prayer circle.
I thought that was so powerful. It was almost like being encircled by my
sisters [close friends].

The midwife told me that based on what I told her, the babe probablyy
died a few days ago, whenever it was that I stopped feeling tired and nauseous
and hungry (Thursday or Friday I guess) and had been trying to pass since
then, but I was keeping it from passing [by taking the false unicorn
root] and would be better off just letting it pass before it began to decay. I agreed.
[I had considered this anyway before even discussing it with her]
I took some rescue remedy and started to feel "ok" and when I got up
this morning I took some more [rescue remedy]. There is
still a little blood [light spotting] but not much. This all happened
without much incident. Just because I was quiet and let it happen I suppose.
Just watching the mysteries of the universe unfold without fear and in awe
and wonder.

NOTE:  False Unicorn Root is a uterine tonic.  It has been used to strengthen female fertility and prevent miscarriage.   Dosage recommendation:  One to Two "00" gelatin capsules of the powdered root three times daily.  Taken from "The Way of Herbs" by Michael Tierra, C.A., N.D.

"Rescue Remedy" is a mixture of five Bach flower remedies which "together help deal with any emergency or stressful event."  Dosage recommendation:  In an emergency, take four drops at a time, as frequently as desired.  Otherwise, put four drops in a glass of water and take frequent sips until the emotions have calmed.  From the Bach Centre Rescue Remedy page at:

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