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Emancipated Healthcare

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The goal of Unhindered Living is to remove obstacles to your health, happiness, peace and prosperity. So why would someone want to avoid going to the doctor and avoid traditional medical treatment? Because medical treatments are dangerous, expensive and usually unpleasant to endure. They are definitely a hindrance to good health and happiness. Individuals do not have to participate in social conformity, nor be controlled by the institutions which perpetuate the myths of our society - schools, churches, and the institutions of modern medicine. 

The allopathic, medical model of health and healing is a flawed, illogical concept. It is based upon Louis Pasteur's germ theory, which, if you do your research, you will find that Louis Pasteur plagarized this theory as his own (See "The Dream and Lie of Louis Pasteur"). He merely made the theory famous and caused it to be spread around the world as fact when it is the worst possible lie.

The medical model is based on the idea that germs make us sick and we must find and make medicines for the patient to take that will be toxic to the germs and kill them. This process often makes the patient sicker because the toxic agents that kill germs are also harmful to the patient as well. Bechamp, the true author of the discoveries, wrote that

"It thus appears evident that airborne germs found the sugared solution a favourable medium for their development, and it must be admitted that the ferment is here produced by the generation of fungi."

Bechamp had discovered what causes fermentation: sugar is the food that microorganisms and specifically fungi love best, and it is that medium which is a rich source of food and regeneration for any fungus.

The important part of this discovery is: germs cannot grow where there is not a source of food for them. We provide a medium for the growth of germs by making our bodies rich in their food sources. By altering the growth medium, we alter germs ability to make us sick and proliferate. We are entirely in control of what we put in our bodies and so we can control whether or not germs find our bodies to be a satisfactory place to grow.

No germ can make you sick if you starve the germ of its food source.

But what about other degenerative diseases that are not caused by infectious germs?

The DNA of your cells is designed to replicate to replace diseased and damaged cells. Only when the body is not able to replicate this DNA, or when diseased cells are reproducing faster than the body can replace them, will the body succumb to disease. Causes for not being able to replace damaged cells at a fast enough rate are:

1. The person does not have adequate stores of a particular vitamin, mineral, enzyme or amino acid that is necessary for the replication to take place.

2, The lack of a particular vitamin, mineral, enzyme or amino acid is interfering with the body's ability to rid itself of normal levels of toxins.

3. Harmful cells that should be eliminated cannot be recognized by the body and are allowed to continue to grow out of control.

The government has set the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowances) for each nutrient. However, these levels are NOT appropriate levels for OPTIMUM health. For instance, 60 mg of Vitamin C daily is the amount that will prevent diseases like Scurvy. But 60 mg a day is not the amount that will keep everyone free of every disease. We have what is called Biochemical Individuality, which means that each person's body has individual nutritional needs that are different from everyone else's. Some people have a higher need for a particular vitamin or mineral because of some inborn deficiency in how their particular body metabolizes the vitamin or mineral. When a person is suffering from a degenerative disease of some kind, stress is being placed on the body and this eats up vitamins and minerals, so larger amounts are needed.

Couple this with the fact that very few people eat a diet full of healthy foods. Most people today are consuming foods which are denatured and processed, which removes most of the vital nutrients. This is also contributing to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

In addition, we just talked about the discovery that fungus loves to feed on sugar. And that is what the typical American Diet is full of. Most people are unaware that some level of fungal infection is going on in their bodies and most certainly in their intestinal tract. The intestinal tract is where a huge component of our immune system lives and functions. If it becomes over run with fungi and pathogenic bacteria, or when the walls of the intestinal tract become inflamed and damaged so that they let things into the blood stream that don't belong there, the immune system is compromised.

It is also a fact that ingestion of sugar decreases the effectiveness of the immune system. Metabolizaton of sugar requires vitamins and minerals that are also necessary to make antibodies and other cells which fight infections. Studies show that when one ingests sugar, this greatly DECREASES the production of these infection-fighting antibodies. So what we put in our mouths has a HUGE effect on our immune system's ability to fight disease.

So, what makes more sense to you: trying to manufacture a different drug to kill each and every one of the thousands of germs there are and to correct the flawed metabolic processes in each person's body, or simply give the body the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids it needs to do its job of eliminating toxins, digesting harmful cells, and replicating DNA?

There is now a vast body of knowledge about how nutrition effects health. When I first began studying holistic nutrition in the 1980's, there was not a large body of research on this subject and much was speculation based on anecdotal evidence. Now, however, there has been a huge amount of research on nutritional cures for disease, enough so that we can form some pretty sound rules about how to take care of ourselves.

My assertion is that most of the allopathic model of health and healing is simply the management of symptoms and not true healing. Rather than alleviate the cause of the problem, we simply put a bandaid on it,c over it up, and make the symptoms palatable when we could totally alleviate the problem in the first place.

Have high blood pressure? Go to the doctor and get a pill to artificially hold the blood pressure down. Your insurance will probably pay for it, and you won't have to change your lifestyle. But it won't work forever, because the body will eventually override the medication because there is a REASON the blood pressure needed to be high. If you don't fix the reason, you will forever experience a worsening of your symptoms and will need more medications to fix the side effects from the first medication.

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