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Healing Childhood Ear Infections

One of the main reasons for ear infections is food allergies.  
Yet many parents do not suspect this as a cause

Ask the following questions to determine if allergy or sensitivity might be involved:

1.  Did the problem begin in the first six months of life?
2.  Did the problem start shortly after beginning solid foods?
3.  Did the problem start shortly after beginning formula?
4.  Do you or your spouse suffer from allergy or sensitivity?
5.  Does your child crave certain foods?
6.  Does the problem subside when traveling away from home?
7.  Does your child have irregular stools, colic, gas, diarrhea or constipation?
8.  Does your child suffer from chronic rhinitis, or stuffy nose?
9.  Does your child have asthma, recurrent bronchitis, or other upper respiratory problems?
10. Does the teacher notice changes in the child's behavior following lunch?
11. Does your child develop symptoms following antibiotic therapy?
12. Does your child have puffiness, dark circles or bags under the eyes?
13. Does your child have occasional difficulty hearing?
14. Does your child have difficulty sleeping through the night?
15. Does your child wet the bed either regularly or on occasion?
16. Has your child been on allergy shots at any time in his/her life?
17. Does your child suffer from eczema, dry scaly skin, or any other skin condition?
18. Is your child overweight or underweight?
19. Is your child a "fussy" eater?  Children with food allergies often lose their appetite or taste acuity.
20. Does you child have a horizontal crease on his/her nose or do the so-called "allergic salute"?

If the answer is "yes" to one or more of these questions, there is a chance that your child suffers from allergy or sensitivity to some substance.

The most common offenders are:

Pasteurized Dairy

Other ways of treating ear infections:

The homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla  has gotten good results with middle ear infection in children.

Garlic ear oil, containing olive oil, mullein flower oil and garlic oil is often helpful not only in killing bacteria but in soothing ear pain.  Warm a few drops and place in ear (make sure it isn't too hot).  Then put in a cotton ball to keep oil in.

The warmth of an ear candle is often very soothing to a tender ear, and can be helpful in removing foreign substances from the ear.  After candling, add some ear oil and a cotton ball, don't let water get in while showering for at least a week.

Blocked nerve impulses at the first cervical vertebra can contribute to lowered resistance to infections in the ear, nose and throat.  See a chiropracter to have a spinal manipulation.

For a child with excessive mucous production, make a tea with water, 1/8 teaspoon raw honey, a few drops of brandy, and fresh ground ginger root, cinnamon or cayenne.

Echinacea tincture is a general immune system stimulant.  However, I believe The New Silver Solution to be superior. 

An acidophilus supplement can help to make sure there is not a problem with yeast in the colon.

Take the child off any foods which might encourage a yeast condition:

breads with yeast in them
anything containing malt (like cereals)
Nuts (especially peanuts and nuts that are not fresh)
B vitamins unless labeled "yeast-free"
Fruit juices, unless freshly prepared
Anything containing brewer's yeast
Leftovers that mold could have started to grow on

Also, incidents of ear infections increase with repeated use of pharmaceutical antibiotics. Ear infections are a self-limiting condition, and will heal better without pharmaceutical intervention.  I would give the child The New Silver Solution orally, place drops of the Silver Solution in the ears each morning, and garlic/mullein ear oil every evening.  

 Healing Childhood Ear Infections - Dr. Michael Schmidt

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