Friday, September 12, 2014

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy and Birth

High blood pressure during pregnancy can be a combination of physiological and emotional causes.  Stress during pregnancy should be avoided whenever possible.  Trust that your body knows how to give birth.  Ignore rude or troublesome friends, neighbors or relatives.   Commune daily with your baby.  Look at beautiful images.  Listen to beautiful music.  Anoint your body with fragrant essential oils.  Do as little work as possible.

High blood pressure during pregnancy often has to do with kidney function.  Your body can digest your kidney tissue if you are not getting enough protein in your diet. Make sure you are getting 80 to 100 grams of protein daily.  See our protein counter so you can plan how to get enough.  Make sure you are drinking enough water.  Take your weight, divide by 2, and that is how many ounces per day you should be drinking.  Get a good calcium/magnesium supplement as minerals help regulate fluid balance.  Drinking freshly juiced green juice is good for kidney function.  I recommend cucumber as a base with a variety of other veggies added such as celery, apple, carrot, broccoli, kale, sprouts of any kind, beets, or some lemon or lime.   

When it comes to the actual birth, relax as much as possible.  During the pushing stage, do not add your own pushing efforts to that of your body.  You don' t have to push....your uterus is perfectly capable of doing the job alone.  Women who have heart condition normally are not allowed to push, and their babies are born fine on their own.  If you remain upright during your birth, gravity plus contractions will bring the baby out alone.  Also, the squatting position makes the contractions more intense, so you won't have to add anything to them.  Occasionally, you will hear of a hospital birth in which a woman who received an epidural was so numb that she didn't feel anything and went to sleep, only to wake up and find that the baby had been born in the bed without any effort from her.  So see, your body CAN do it alone.   (This is not an encouragement to get an epidural.....simply an illustration of the body's power to do it's job without help.  Epidurals have many negative side effects, such as dropping maternal blood pressure, lethargic baby susceptible to respiratory distress, and inability to participate in the active giving of birth). 

Deep breathing and meditation can have a lasting effect on blood pressure.  Deep breathing causes the arteries to relax, thereby lowering blood pressure, and this effect can last for hours after the exercises are done.

Use the Accu-Balancing Technique to remove obstacles that are causing the pressure to be high.  Use muscle testing to determine the issues that need to be cleared, then use ABT to clear them.  Click Here to learn more about ABT or sign up for a session.  

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