Thursday, September 11, 2014

How Doctors and Nurses REALLY Feel about You and Your Birth Plan

Excerpts from "Hard Labor" by Susan Diamond, B.S.N., R.N., a former Labor and Delivery nurse.

In this book, there are "stories which illustrate the dismay I felt on learning that there are many people in obstetrics who simply do not give a damn about their patients, who see patients and their families as "the enemy," to be thwarted at every opportunity."  p. 16.

"While one of the objectives of prepared childbirth classes is to produce informed consumers, it is not in the interest of a smoothly running, usually understaffed L&D unit to encourage patients to be actively involved in their own treatment it is not surprising to hear the negative comments and belligerence that are voiced by staff members about prepared childbirth couples.  They are resented because they require more effort and more time." p. 66

"It is less complicated to care for a woman by the Policy and Procedures manual than to explain each procedure, to ask her opinion, to ask her permission, to keep her informed. It is easier to send her coach out of the room, to ban other visitors, to prohibit cameras and tape recorders, than it is to approach the event as a team, working toward the goal of maximal comfort and safety for the mother and baby..." p. 66

You must realize that by choosing a hospital birth, you are choosing to put yourself into an adversarial relationship. You will have to fight tooth and nail for everything you want.

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