Sunday, September 07, 2014

Learn to Trust Your Body

When a woman becomes pregnant, a wonderful miracle begins to take place in her body.  From the genetic instructions contained within a single fertilized cell, a baby begins to grow.  These genetic instructions are very complex and sophisticated; they regulate the formation of the baby's body as well as the link between mother and child.  When the baby is ready to be born, these genetic instructions direct the baby to release a hormone which causes the mother's uterus to begin labor contractions.  From that point on, the mother's genetic instructions tell her body how to give birth.

Your body really knows what to do, even if your conscious mind doesn't.  But that doesn't mean your conscious mind isn't involved.  On the contrary, the thoughts that you think very much affect how your body behaves.  Even though your body knows how to give birth, you can sabotage your own birth by holding onto self-limiting, negative beliefs about birth, about your own ability to give birth, and about other aspects of your life.

Our society tends to plant these negative beliefs in our conscious minds.  We are programmed with the belief that "Birth is painful," Birth is unsafe," "My body is likely to malfunction during birth,"  "I need help to give birth safely."  These are all erroneous, false beliefs.  If you allow these beliefs to take hold in your mind, they will come true.  What your mind believes, your body makes a reality.  Proverbs 23:7 supports this idea by saying "As a man thinks in his heart, so he is."  For more thorough explanation of why this takes place, see  The Twofold Nature of Life .

The job of a physician is to care for the sick and diseased.  Pregnancy is not an illness or a disease and therefore does not require the aid of medical personnel of any kind.  Giving birth is a quick, simple, painless process.  If you believe this in your mind, your body will make it so.

There is a growing movement in this country and all around the world to restore the art of birthing to its rightful place of honor and respect, and to return birth to the private, intimate surroundings of the home.  Your child was conceived in a private, intimate way, and he/she should be born in the same manner.  Of course, this is an individual decision each couple or woman must make.  This is part of the informed choice aspect of childbirth.  You should be aware that hospital birth, home birth with a physician, home birth with a midwife, and unassisted birth are all available options.  All these forms of birth do take place here, and which option you choose is up to you.  I cannot tell you which option to choose, I can only share with you my belief that birth should take place in as quiet and intimate a location as possible, far from the interference of the medical management of birth which causes so many complications.  It is also my belief that when a woman gives birth alone, away from the presence of other individuals, she will have the best birth possible.

Learn to trust your body to do what it was designed to do.  The miracle of birth is an experience too special and sacred to be taken lightly.

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