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Make Sure You're Using Unleaded

The analogy of a car using the wrong fuel is the perfect one for illustrating why our bodies reach cellular toxicity.  Just as putting the wrong fuel into a car will damage the fuel injection system, carburetor, and motor, putting the wrong food into the body will damage both the digestive and circulatory systems so that chronic, degenerative disease results.  What are we putting in our bodies that is so toxic?

First we must make a distinction between food and non-food.  Meat, dairy products, eggs, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains are foods.  Once a food has been altered by man through addition or subtraction of ingredients, it is no longer a food.  A large percentage of disease today is caused by the eating of non-food items.  Our bodies evolved to digest and metabolize foods that contain enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.  Non-food items have had these vital nutrients removed or damaged so that they are virtually unusable.  Example:

Non-Food Item                              What Was Added or Removed Through Processing

Pasteurized orange juice               enzymes, vitamins, minerals removed

Shortening and margarine             hydrogen ions added, essential fatty acids removed

White flour                                      vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids

Canned vegetables                        vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids

Breakfast cereals                           vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids

White Rice                                      vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids

Refined sugars                               vitamins, minerals, enzymes removed

Pasteurized milk                             hormones and antibiotics added, enzymes removed, 
                                                        essential fatty acids and proteins altered

Also, any edible product that is made from non-food items is of course also a non-food.  Any processed or pre-packaged food falls in this category.  If the nutrients necessary for digestion or metabolism are not there, it's not a food, and therefore causes cellular toxicity.  Any irradiated food becomes a non-food because enzymes are destroyed.  So let's say that all you are eating are fresh food items.  Is there any food item that does contain vital nutrients that is still harmful to the body?

Any foods other than fresh fruits and vegetables alter the body's chemistry in a negative way.  They make your pH more acidic, which means you are more susceptible to disease and your body cannot regenerate itself as well when you do get sick.  You need to keep your pH in the normal range by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, testing your pH every day, and taking a good calcium/magnesium supplement to regulate your pH levels.  Indigenous cultures that eat a lot of animals products keep their pH in a healthy range because they drink lots and lots of water with a high mineral content.  You can achieve the same result by drinking purified water and taking a high quality mineral supplement.

Almost all animal products in this country contain synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics.  Constantly ingesting synthetic hormones can cause massive problems in an individuals natural hormonal system.  Reproductive problems, tumors, early sexual maturity in children are all linked to the flooding of the system with extra unneeded hormones.  I have two children who are a perfect example of this.  One boy is a meat eater, and he is extremely aggressive and sexual.  The other boy is virtually a vegetarian, and is gentle, compassionate, and respectful.  I believe the foods they eat are definitely one factor which encourages these differences.  Breast cancer in women is often estrogen-fed, and when they give the hormones to chickens, guess where all these synthetic estrogens our favorite piece of chicken, the breast!  And when we eat that piece of chicken, guess where that estrogen goes?  Straight to our reproductive organs and breasts!  Tyson and Shelton's are two brands I am aware of that do not contain synthetic hormones or antibiotics.  Even so, there is still the problem of the pH, difficult digestibility, and vitamin deficiency causality, which in my opinion makes all animals products undesirable for consumption.

So you make the decision to confine yourself to fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and only raw, organic dairy products and free-range beef and poultry.  Don't eat fish, it's too high in mercury content.    Is there anything dangerous left in these food items?  If these foods are sprayed with pesticides, waxed, irradiated, or grown from genetically altered seeds, there is still concern about their ingestion.  Of all the fruits and vegetables, apples are the crop usually sprayed with the most lethal forms of pesticide.  Washing the foods will help, but the pesticide is systemic in most cases, which means it is also inside the fruit, and you can't wash that out.  Irradiation of fruits and vegetables kills the enzymes within the food, making it indigestible without taking supplemental enzymes.  This puts irradiated fruits and vegetables in the non-food category.

What is the answer?  Buy only certified organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and grains in order to obtain the best nutrition possible, and as a precaution, use an enzyme supplement at every meal.  According to a Consumer Reports study, Certified Organic foods do indeed live up to their claim to be virtually without pesticides.

There are many other non-food additives which compromise the digestive process....artificial flavors, artificial colors, flavor-enhancers such as monosodium glutamate, nutra-sweet, and hydrolized vegetable protein, and preservatives.  Some products even contain sawdust as one of their fillers.  These items provide absolutely no nutritional value and severely compromise the immune and digestive systems.

These substances must be filtered out and eliminated through the urine and feces.  If, however, too many are being ingested, to the point that the body cannot adequately filter them, they will be stored in the fatty tissues, then in tumors, and eventually the organs and organ systems.  At this point, degenerative disease once again rears its ugly head.

The first step to self-healing is to give your body the right fuel.  Eliminate those substances which are feeding degenerative disease.  Then you can go about returning your body to it's normal, healthy state.

Not only should you put the right food in your body, but the right liquids for nourishment and cleansing as well.  For the next article in this series, go to Do You Drink Living Water?

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