Thursday, September 11, 2014

Miscarriage of Laura C. at 7-8 Weeks

We had a miscarriage at home earlier this year. I was doing natural family planning(checking cervix and cervical mucus for conceptive purposes), had one at home positive pregnancy test. I started keeping track of my own prenatal care (weight, blood pressure, vitamins). He/she was due to arrive if full term about Thanksgiving.

About 7-8 weeks along I started light bleeding (10pm)and by morning light cramping. A few hours after waking(the next day), heavy red bleeding, severe painful cramping and light tissuey looking discharge. I laid in bed with a heating pad on my abdomen(for pain relief) and Michael laid snuggled up against my back against me and we both were very quiet. We both fell asleep for a few hours and when I got up, Michael got up too and went with me everywhere. He made me some red raspberry leaf tea to drink for uterine tonage. I applied 3-4 drops of pennyroyal oil over my lower abdomen to keep it contracting. The pennyroyal made my skin hot. I had the heaviest bleeding and tissue discharge over the first 2 days(those two days I applied pennyroyal once each evening only a few drops). I did see pieces in the toilet and the sack that held our baby. I bleed for 4-5 days although lighter the last 3. We also monitored my temperature for possible retaining of any tissue.

Michael works 24 hour shifts at the fire dept and when I begin losing the baby he offered to call in on my third day. I sent him to work and he checked on me evey few hours. I did not go in to the hospital because I didn't feel it would benefit me. I felt my body was doing what it needed and that wasn't strangers peering at me and d&c'ing my uterus and labeling "the event" as a spontaneous abortion. Asking me questions and telling me it was all for the better blah, blah.

Although extremely saddened by our loss, we both felt nature does take its course and we felt close and at peace by our being together, each mourning in our own way and yet with each other.

Two months later we were looking at another pregnancy.

NOTE:  Pennyroyal is an emmenagogue, that is, an herb that promotes menstruation, usually causing it to occur earlier and sometimes with increased flow.  Pennyroyal in the past has been used to induce abortions, although it has other strong effects on the body when taken orally, and should be used with extreme caution.  However, by rubbing a few drops on her lower abdomen to keep it contracting, Laura encouraged her body to expel any pieces of tissue that might have still been retained.

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