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Hemorrhaging Before, During and After Birth

After Birth:  Dr. Schulze, a medical doctor and herbalist, has used Cayenne Tincture for hemorrhage after childbirth.  Squirt 15-20 dropperfuls directly into the vagina.  The bleeding should stop in seconds.  (1)

Also, the herb Shepherd's Purse has traditionally been used by midwives to effectively stop bleeding, but is taken orally.

Before and During Birth:  The Cayenne Tincture can be taken orally, and will have the same effect of stopping bleeding quickly.  If no tincture is available, a cup of cayenne tea, taken warm is also effective.  Yes, it will be hot, but in an emergency, with the only other alternative being death, I don't think you will mind.

It's a good idea to have some of this Cayenne Tincture made up already.  Please make it yourself, fresh.  Any tincture bought at a store will be weak and useless.  You will not be able to rely on store-bought tinctures in an emergency.  Although tinctures usually take 14 days to make, in an emergency a fresh tincture will still be more potent than anything at the store.  Click Here to see how to make your own tinctures.

The Accu-Balancing Technique which I started my period suddenly and there was heavy bleeding, abdominal pain and I could not sit up straight comfortably.  I tried to get into bed until I felt better, but could not find a comfortable position.  I sent my husband to the store for some Midol, and the only comfortable place was for me to sit on the toilet.  I could tell blood was pouring out of me, and I was hurting, which was unusual for me.  My periods were usually painless and without any discomfort, so I was a bit worried about what wa going on.  

It was going to take 45 minutes for my husband to drive to the store, get the MIdol, vheck out, and drive back home.  I couldn't imagine enduring this for another 45 minutes, so I decided to practice what I preach and use ABT.

As I sat on the toilet, I went through the tapping sequence once while stating, "Even though I am bleeding too much, I thoroughly and completely love and accept myself."  Immediately, after only one round of tapping, I felt the blood flow slow down.  I had been soaking sanitary napkins one after the other, and now the blood flow had slowed to what I felt was a normal level.  Next I did another round of tapping with the phrase, "Even though I am in extreme pain, I thoroughly and completely love and accept myself."  Before I could finish a complete round of tapping, the pain eased up until I felt only a tiny cramp.  I got up from the toilet, put on a sanitary pad, and slowly walked to the bed.  I sat down, but had to lean over to the side because sitting up straight hurt too bad.  I did another round of tapping with the phrase, "Even though it hurts to sit up straight, I thoroughly and completely love and accept myself."  Immediately I felt something release inside me, and I slid into bed, pulling the covers up and settling down into relative comfort. 

My husband finally returned with the Midol and I said, "Sorry, I don't need it now."  All the pain was gone and I was fine.  But it had been pretty scary there for a while.
To learn about the Acci-Balancing Technique, Click Here.

If anyone has used some other remedy or technique with success, I would love to hear about it and add your wisdom to this page.

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