Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Positive Birth Affirmations

Most of us walk around on a daily basis with negative, disempowering, limiting thoughts playing in our heads.  We get these thoughts from messages we receive from family, friends, co-workers, religious institutions, and society in general, who tell us we aren't good enough in some area of our lives. We start to internalize these thoughts and begin to believe in them unconsciously. This is not good for our mental, emotional, physical or spiritual health. Most of these negative beliefs are not true, or have only limited truthfulness. But they have been ingrained in us throughout our lives, and without even realizing it, they sabotage the healthy, joyful, meaningful lives we were meant to have.

I recommend the book "You Can Heal Your Life" and the DVD by the same name, by Louise Hay. She also has some great apps for the iPhone which allows you to read affirmations daily on your phone or send an affirmation by email to someone else. I have found them to be really uplifting.

Affirmations are basically positive statements we make to and about ourselves that are designed to
change the negative beliefs we have about ourselves. I suggest you get a package of 3x5 cards and fill out every single one with a positive affirmation. Things such as "I am good enough just the way I am" or "I am getting stronger every day" or "I am able to love everyone unconditionally" or "My body is healthy, strong and energetic." Choose affirmations from every aspect of your life: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Then look at these cards every day. Stick them on your bathroom mirrow. Stick them on the dashboard of your car. Put them in your wallet. Anywhere you will see them.

If you feel you need help getting the affirmations to "stick", try ABT (The Accu- Balancing Technique) as a method to change negative thought patterns and increase positive well-being.

For Pregnancy and Birth specifically, some good affirmations would be:

My body and my baby are healthy
My body is strong and ready to give birth.
I am taking good care of myself.
I am well fed and well rested.
I feel totally calm and peaceful.
I am able to visualize a healthy, safe birth.
I am in control of my birth experience.
I trust my body; it knows what to do to give birth.
I will enjoy my birth experience.

Feel free to add to this list any affirmations that will make you feel safe, secure, calm and peaceful.

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