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Pre-Birth Communication Enhances Prenatal Well-being

From the beginning of your baby's life, he has heard your heartbeat.  It is a very comforting sound to him.  He has heard the sound of your voice, and become accustomed to it.  He has been rocked back and forth gently as you walk.  He has heard the gurgling sounds of your digestive organs as you eat, and he associates this with a feeling of well-being he gets as he receives this nourishment.

From a scientific point of view, you and your baby are connected because you share the same blood supply and pass nutritional substances and hormones back and forth across the placenta.  Feelings happen because of chemical changes in your blood stream.  This means that whatever you are feeling, your baby can feel as well.

From a spiritual point of view, however, it is believed that mother and baby share a spiritual/intuitive connection.  Pregnant women often have dreams about their babies and what their births will be like, and they should take these dreams seriously.  Sometimes dreams are literal, but most of the time they contain symbols which, if given consideration, can be understood in connection with the mother's present circumstances.  Babies often communicate with their mothers, either through dreams or through intuitive thoughts, about their condition in the womb, if they are in danger, when they need to be born, or about emotional concerns of the mother.  The mother can convey to her child her love, her fears, her intentions about when she would like the birth to happen, the position the baby should get into for the birth, and so forth.  Mothers are often able to intuitively know the gender of their baby and some even sense what the personality of the baby is like.

Scripture says in Luke 1:41 "When Elizabeth heard Mary's greeting, the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth filled with the Holy Spirit."  This tells us that babies in the womb very definitely respond to what goes on around them.  But how could the baby have known who Mary was, or that there was spiritual significance to their meeting?  We can only infer from this that babies have a very strong connection to God and the spirit realm.  We will discuss the spiritual aspects of this later.

I suggest that you get involved actively in communicating with your unborn child.  You have wisdom to share with the baby, and the baby has wisdom to share with you.
Please get a small journal or blank book, and begin to write in it as often as possible.  Write in it as if you are talking to the baby.  Not only will this help you bond with your baby, but it is a nice momento for later on, and you can give it to the child when they are old enough.  Talk to the baby about how much you love them, what your concerns are about the birth, ask the baby questions about him/herself, or ask the baby to do something you need them to do, such as turn to a different position.  This will be a wonderful record of the developing relationship with your new child.

Pay attention then to your dreams and intuitions.  Write down what you feel the baby is trying to tell you.

Pay attention to what the child likes and dislikes, too.  When the baby is paying attention to something, he or she will usually get very quiet in the womb.  When they are bothered by something, they will usually get extremely active.  But this is not a hard and fast rule.  Watch which music the baby likes, which foods the baby responds to, etc.  After you eat a particular food, pay attention to how this affects the baby.

Also, watch how your different emotional states affect the baby's behavior.  When you are really upset, how does he/she respond?  When you feel peaceful, how do they respond?  This will help you to understand how important it is to eliminate stress from your environment during pregnancy, and especially during the birth as well.

Before the baby is conceived, the soul of the baby is in the spirit realm, and decides which parents he or she wants to be born to.  Parents, and especially mothers, often sense the soul of the baby around them before the conception, and after the conception they may be aware of the soul of the baby in a special way, and will have communication with it.

Below are some brief stories from those who have experienced pre-birth communication:
Mary says, "I dreamed about Sinéad before she was born, showing her at about 9 months old.  Whenever I asked her to move off my bladder, she always did, and she got very excited when she heard her papa speaking whether to her or just in general.  As well, when I was in labour, she responded to my  "concerns" about her safety ( we hadn't a fetoscope to check heart tones, and of course we never really needed it, but being my first birth, I felt then, I would have liked to have one around), by moving so I  knew she was grand.  This happened three times in labour."

Diana says, "I was in my was late at night, in the wee hours in the morning actually, and there was an incredible windstorm shaking my tent savagely.  I was on my back with my hands resting right over my uterus.  I asked the baby to "show me a sign" (that it was listening to me,) and it must have done a somersault or some really big maneuver, because the flip-flop feeling in my abdomen was incredibly unmistakable and my hands rose up with the sudden and distinct movement.  There was no question in my mind that the baby had communicated its presence to me!"

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Elisabeth Hallet, in her book "Stories of the Unborn Soul", discusses many cases of pre-birth communication between parent and child.  In these cases, the parent felt the presence of the child not yet conceived, received communication from them, felt sure they knew the sex of the child in their wombs, or felt the child communicated vital information about their physical condition and other interesting items of information.  It is a fascinating book, and one which will, if not convince you, at least start you thinking about the possibility that our souls, and the souls of our unborn children did live before conception and birth, and that souls can and do communicate with people every day from beyond.  I highly recommend her book (which you can purchase by clicking on the book at left).

If you have pre-birth communication story to share, please email me, and I would love to post it on this page!

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