Friday, September 12, 2014

Premature Labor

The concern about preterm labor is that the baby will be born before the lungs are mature.  However, in the majority of cases the lungs are perfectly mature by about 34 weeks.

In general, we should trust that the baby and our bodies know what they are doing.  If you believe that you are past the 34 week mark, you may consult your intuition and the baby, and find out whether this is the right time for birth.  If you receive assurance that everything is fine, then you need do nothing.  You can use muscle testing and ask, "If my baby is born now, will it be healthy?" and test for a yes or no.  If the answer is no, use the Accu-Balancing Technique to stop the contractions.  Often, this pre-term labor does not produce contractions that are regular and strong enough to sufficiently dilate the cervix for birth.  They continue off and on for the time and then subside.  Sometimes people will call this "false labor" but we do not call it this.  All labor, even labor that does not dilate the cervix, is constructive and serves a purpose.

By being relaxed, trusting that your body knows how to give birth and that your baby knows the right time for birth, you will be able to accept what your body is doing without becoming alarmed.  It matters little whether your baby is born at 34 or 44 weeks.  Not all women gestate for the same length of time.  See  The Downside of Due Dates .  By accepting your body's natural pattern of birth without fear and remaining patient, one has the best chance of safe and pleasant birth experience.
If pre-term labor begins before 34 weeks, most often the recommendation is to consume a glass or two of wine and go to bed.  Alcohol relaxes the uterine muscle and inhibits the production of oxytocin.

You should also make sure that you are drinking enough water.  Dehydration can cause pre-term labor contractions.  Take your weight, divide by 2, and that is the number of OUNCES you should drink each day, MINIMUM.  Also add some ionic trace minerals.  A calcium/magnesium supplement can also help regulate your fluid levels. Also, so NOT restrict your salt intake.  Salt food to taste.  If you do not get enough salt, the placenta may not grow big enough to support a full term baby. 

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