Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pros and Cons of Hospital Birth

Positive Negative
Availability of latest technology to assist in the birth process"Active Management of Labor" rather than respect for the natural birth process.  The birth process is regulated from start to finish using the latest technology
Availability of a variety of anesthesiaHigher rate of electronic fetal monitoring is associated with higher rate of forceps delivery, episiotomy, and ceasarean section 
Availability of trained medical personnel Doctor and hospital assume responsibility for safe birth
Availability of insurance coverageRestriction of freedom to have food and drink, move into comfortable positions, and be in control of your birth experience
Hospital takes care of birth certificateHospital environment generally produces more anxiety which interferes with labor

Many hospitals do not allow midwives to attend births, so choice of caregiver is limited to doctors

Without insurance coverage, doctor and hospital fees are very expensive

Medical professionals rarely trust the mother's own evaluation of her condition and rely totally on technology to help make decisions

Environment is sterile, cold, uninviting

Continuity of the birth experience is interrupted when the mother must move to the delivery room

Spirituality of the birth experience is not a priority

Medical professionals are trained in how to identify and treat abnormalities, not how to recognize and facilitate normal birth, few have been trained to sit back, observe, and do nothing

Many tests and procedures are performed to avoid malpractice, not because you really need them

Some hospitals will not allow children to be present during birth

Mother and baby are often separated after birth for a period of 2 to 12 hours

Hospitals contain many kinds of dangerous germs not present in a home environment

Sugar water or formula is often given to infants in the newborn nursery even if parents request that baby be breastfed only

Newborn nurseries are rarely able to provide the constant skin-to-skin contact infants need to receive from their mothers

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