Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Removing Obstacles to Healthy, Affordable Food

I highly recommend Steve Solomon's book "Gardening When It Counts" as it tells how to garden under difficult circumstances.  Try It!  

The best way to have access to healthy affordable food is to grow it yourself.  I realize that many of you don't have a back yard to garden in or an apartment with a balcony.  This spring I will be doing the best I can to garden using containers and I will show you step by step how I am doing it.  For now, I am growing herbs and sprouts on my cabinet top as these are easy and quick to grow and highly nutritious.  

This is a sprouter I purchased on Amazon and it is currently growing wheat grass. Extremely nutritious, high in vitamins and minerals and helps detox the body and clean and build the blood.  They take only about 5 or 6 days to get this high. Purchase this sprouter on Amazon. 

If you haven't got much room, there's also the Mr. Stacky which can work on any apartment balcony or even inside with a grow light. 

More to come soon!

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