Saturday, September 06, 2014

Statement of Personal Responsibility

The information on this site is educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice.  We affirm that every individual has the right and responsibility to make their own healthcare and childrearing decisions, based upon their own research.  That research can include, but is not limited to, reading books, medical journals, online articles, talking to others who have had similar experiences, consulting medical practitioners or practitioners of other healing arts, and most importantly, consulting the inner wisdom and intuition each person possesses.  The information contained in this website is only one source of information that can be used to make healthcare decisions.

We also believe that people are competent to make their own healthcare and childrearing decisions and should be encouraged to do so.  Whereas mainstream allopathic medicine encourages us to make no decisions about our health without first consulting a medical doctor, we affirm that each person has the right to make informed decisions about their health without first engaging in such a consultation.  Not only is all the information available to physicians in the form of textbooks, medical journals, etc. available to the average person if they choose to avail themselves of such information, but each person's intuition provides them with an important and sound basis for making decisions.  We feel that people should be empowered to feel competent to care for themselves rather than making them feel that they must rely upon an "expert."

The Center for Unhindered Living is a learning community, committed to providing information to help people make unhindered healthcare choices.  We take no responsibility for what people do with this information, or the choices made.  Please take the information we provide, and do further research.  Then consult your inner intuition to help you make a final choice, which is your responsibility.

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