Sunday, September 14, 2014

TAC (Total Antioxidant Content) Food List: The Foods We Should Be Eating More Of

This list of foods contains those fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs which  have the highest Total Antioxidant Content (TAC).  They contain the most healing power of any ingestible substances. 
These foods help remove obstacles to your good health by helping prevent  and in some cases, actually helping to reverse diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, kidney and liver disease, dementia, depression, and many more.  You should be eating at least 9 fruits and vegetables per day.  You might say, "If I eat that, I won't have room for anything else."  Precisely! 

The list below is in descending order, meaning the first thing on the list has the highest TAC, and the thing on the bottom has the lowest.  So we should eat as close to the top of the list as possible, but the foods on this list wouldn't be there unless they had significant amounts of antioxidants, so anything on this list is considered by me to be a healthy choice.  These are Total Antioxidant Content per 100 g.

Eating healthy food is part of Unhindered Living because if you eat healthy food, you will be able to heal yourself and eliminate many unhealthy conditions from your life without medicine.  Having to depend upon medicine and traditional medical care is a hindrance we don't want in our lives, and this is the way to help yourself.

It greatly simplifies your life, too.  Reach for some raw fruits and nuts, eat them as they are, and you don't have to spend hours cooking in the kitchen.  Most of these foods taste delicious in their natural state, without anything added.  Yum!

For an updated list of antioxidant content of foods, go HERE. 

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