Thursday, September 04, 2014

The Online Childbirth Class: Birth without Coersion, Unhindered Birth, Natural Childbirth

The Birthing Dance

Come to me, My Child
Secret longing of my inner heart
Breath of spirit
Wandering the cosmos
Choosing your next lifepath
Seeking sanctuary in my womb
Visions of you stir my dreams
Your gentle essence drifting inward
Merging into matter
Coming into consciousness
Birthing into being
Your tender wisdom speaks
The ancient knowledge
 of a mother's power
                                            Our bodies grow together
                                            Two as one
                                            Turning round, in birthing dance
                                            You lead me
                                            Opening the circle corridor
                                            Descending into unhindered ecstasy
                                            Into my arms.

                                         --Judie C. McMath

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Have Postpartum Depression?  We can help with the Accu-Balancing Technique

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