Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Sublime Ecstasy of Birth

Here are two descriptions of childbirth....one describes delivery, the other describes giving birth.

Delivery....The cervix softens and ripens.  Light contractions cause the cervix to open up and thin out.  The baby's head exerts pressure on cervix, speeding up dilation.  When the cervix is fully dilated, there may be a resting period.  When contractions begin again, baby starts down the birth canal.  Baby rotates as it navigates through the bony structure of the pelvis.  With each contraction, the baby will advance down the birth canal, and slide back up a little after the end of the contraction.  The head crowns.  As it emerges, the vaginal opening will be stretched around the largest diameter of the baby's head.  This sensation has been called by some the "ring of fire."  After the head is born, the shoulders must rotate and slip from underneath the pelvic bone.  After this occurs, the rest of the body is born immediately.

Birth....I felt soft, ripe, moist, and juicy.  While the baby centered itself in the cradle of my pelvis, there was a sense of peace, and as I walked, the heaviness of the womb swung back and forth, slowly creating the clear passage for birth that was needed.  I treasured the huge ripeness of my body, and respected with awe the perfect way that it created this work of art, this tapestry of experience.  As I began to receive the torrential outpouring of sensations from the pelvic cradle, my mind began to construct some apprehension, but sweetly a soft, cherubic presence nudged its way into my consciousness, and I was immediately empowered with joy and confidence, and began to ride high upon the waves of energy surging through me.  The top of the waves were exciting and all-consuming.  As each wave rose higher, I felt more and more consumed by the passion of love, the guidance of the divine, and the power of my body.  As each wave descended, it laid me gently to float in a pool of warmth.  A huge presence spiraled down inside me, and my body slowly opened to release it.  I felt full and unbridled.  And yet, though part of me was hypnotically mesmerized by the experience, my corporeal self heaved a great sigh and brought forth with huge effort a supremely perfect being.

Now.....which kind of birth do you want?  A technical feat of medical engineering, or participation in an ancient, completely sublime ecstatic experience?  It's up to you.

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