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Vaccinations: Assault on the Human Immune System

When my first child was two months old, I was told he needed immunizations.  Most people do not even question that these medications are necessary, or safe.  They

trust the doctors who are supposed to be the "experts."  I was no different.  I took my child to the doctor for a DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis, & Tetanus) and looked on while the drug was administered, and was told to stay in the waiting room with him for 15 minutes to make sure there was no reaction.  I did not question why I needed to stay, or why there might be a reaction.  My child experienced nothing while in the waiting room, and we went home.  At no time was I ever informed about possible side effects, and I was not offered the package insert for the drug to read about possible side effects. 

That evening, I was scheduled to attend a meeting.  My son was a little fussier than usual, but I thought nothing of it.  I went to the meeting, leaving him in the care of my husband.  When I returned two hours later, he was screaming at the top of his lungs, and all efforts to console him had failed.  My husband had called my mother, who lived across the street, to come over and help with the baby.   As I lifted my child into my arms, my arm brushed against the thigh which had received the immunization, and he screamed even louder, arching his back and stiffening up.  There was a huge knot at the site of the injection, and it was hot.  The doctor had said there might be some fever and soreness, but I was never given the impression it would be like this.   The baby was fussy all night, and the next day finally calmed down.  I didn't think any more about it until some time later when I noticed a mole growing at the site of the injection where there had been none before.

When this same child was a year old, we took him for his MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella).  He received the immunization, and we went home.  Later that evening, he got a fever and broke out with bumps all over.  We took him to the emergency room, only to be told that he had a mild case of measles, and that it was not unusual for a child to contract the very disease that the immunization was designed to prevent!  That didn't quite make sense to me.  Why give the immunization in the first place?

I know the general rationale that is used to justify vaccinations.  By introducing a weakened version of the virus or bacteria into the body, it is hoped that the immune system will be stimulated to produce antibodies against the disease.  However, if the person contracts the disease as a result of the vaccination, what is the point? Since that time I have done a lot of research on the theory behind vaccinations and the ingredients they contain, and I do not find it to be a sound theory.  There are also many studies which suggest that these shots do not really confer the supposed "protection" that we have been told they confer, and that they are actually very taxing to the immune system, and quite dangerous.

It didn't make sense to me then, and so over the months that followed, I began to read about vaccinations, the theory behind them, and reports of their effectiveness (or lack thereof).  After doing this research, I vowed never again to allow these dangerous drugs to be introduced into the bodies of my children, or myself.

How can I convey to those of you who may be reading this, how dangerous these drugs are?  There are many good websites and books on the subject, which is quite extensive.  I don't think I can personally contribute anything to what has already been written.  All I can tell you is that, as a mother, it is my responsibility to protect my children, and I would not be protecting them if I allowed them to have these vaccinations.

What are my reasons?

1.  Louis Pasteur's germ theory is flawed.  It is not true that germs make us sick.  Germs change their function depending upon the kind of tissue they live in.  If our tissues are full of toxins, dead and decaying cells, and are in general not well nourished with vitamins and minerals, the germs will feed on this diseased tissue.  If we take good care of ourselves, make sure we have good nutrition, and regularly cleanse our bodies inside and out, especially the intestinal tract, the germs perform a maintenance and restoration function, helping keep our bodies healthy.  Germs cannot hurt you if you keep your immune system in top shape.

2.  Vaccinations do not guarantee immunity.  Studies of vaccinated populations show that after vaccinations are introduced, the incidence of the disease usually rises.  Before mandated vaccinations were introduced in America, the rate of childhood infectious diseases had already begun to drop.  The drug companies like to try to convince us that their vaccinations are responsible for this drop, but the statistics clearly show that the drop began before vaccinations were in widespread use.

3.  Most children will not contract many, if any, of these diseases during their childhood.  When they do, their immune systems are designed to handle the illnesses, if they are in proper working order.  But there is no human immune system on this planet that can function properly when infiltrated and bombarded with germs from three to five infectious diseases at one time, which is what happens when a shot is given that combines several different disease germs at once.  Especially if the diet of the individual has been deficient (which the majority in America are).

4.  Most of these diseases, if contracted today, rarely if ever cause death, and are easily dealt with using antibiotics.  They are not the threat that they were in the previous centuries, because our standard of living is better.  We know about food spoilage and clean toileting habits, which caused the majority of disease outbreaks in the past.  Personally, I would rather that my children contract measles, mumps, chicken pox, and all the others so that they develop an active immunity.  However, my children have very strong immune systems, and even though they have been exposed to children infected with these diseases, my children have never contracted any infectious disease.   There are ways to build up your immune system so that you are not susceptible to infections.

5.  Furthermore, I do not take kindly to being told that I HAVE TO give myself or my children medical treatment that I deem dangerous and do not want.  I refuse to be forced to take into my body potential pathogens.  And according to the Constitution, I don't have to.  You should know that most states have some form of exemption which you can claim to keep from having to take vaccinations.

6.  Many of the ingredients in vaccinations are toxic, such as mercury, which is a potent neurotoxin.  No amount of mercury is safe to ingest, and even the mercury-free versions of the drugs still have trace amounts of mercury. 

Here is a great documentary that you can watch online documenting the ineffectivenss and dangers of vaccines.  

For those who have not been able to get the exemption you need, or need legal assistance pertaining to vaccines, vaccine injury or other related matters, there is a law firm which is dedicated to just these issues at Vaccine Exemption Alliance.

Read a wonderful piece by Dr. Mark Sircus called "Cry of the Heart - Stop Hurting the Children" 

which addresses the serious harm done by vaccinarions as well as the greed and corruption of the institutions perpetuating their use.

I hope you as a parent will think twice before giving vaccinations to your children.  The reaction my child had was very small in comparison to the reactions experienced by many other people......permanent damage or death.   Please check back to this website frequently as I will be adding information and links which I deem necessary to this discussion.  In the mean time, please consider purchasing these books which shed light on the immunization debate. 

See the video "Doctored:  The Film the AMA Doesn't Want You To See."    Purchase the video or see it online with Amazon Instant Video. 

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