Thursday, September 04, 2014

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What is Unhindered Living? It's living living life on your terms,  living without the restraints that others try to place upon you, creating a life that works for you, no matter what anyone else says. It's loving yourself just the way you are, and it's following your passion and joy. It's removing obstacles to your health, happiness, peace and prosperity. That's the kind of life I want to live. What about you?

The world we live in wants to dictate how we should live and what we should believe. They want us to believe we are limited, and that we should accept those limitations. I reject this viewpoint. You are limited only by your own imagination. Many of your limitations are simply illusions that society has imposed upon you. You have the right to reject them and put in their place new ideas and revelations that make sense to you. Within you is great, untapped wisdom. You must only believe in yourself and your dreams can become reality.

On this blog, we will be discussing how to remove many of these perceived obstacles. What exactly prevents people from having health, happiness, peace and prosperity? The answer is, their own perceptions. In reality, there are NO obstacles. They are only illusions. Where do these perceptions come from? We are taught them from childhood. We are taught that there are certain things people cannot or should not do. We are taught that we should not think too highly of ourselves. We should not trust ourselves or our emotions. We are taught that we should listen to authority figures who have set themselves up to tell us what to do. We are taught to ignore our intuition and not to listen to our inner voice. We are taught that what we see with our eyes is reality, but there is another, deeper reality we are not taught about at all. We are taught an archaic perception of physical and spiritual reality, even in the face of extensive research to the contrary. We are taught that the only way to be healthy is to see a doctor and take medicine. We are told the only safe way to give birth is in a hospital. We are told that the only legitimate spiritual beliefs are those handed down through the white male heterosexual hierarchy. We are told that "professionals" can help us better than we can help ourselves. We are pressured, by the power of social conformity, to follow the crowd. We are encouraged NOT to be different. We live in a punitive society that wants to herd us toward homogenicity through criticism and correction.

We are taught that we CANNOT heal ourselves, teach ourselves, provide for ourselves, or be spiritually whole by our own efforts. We are taught that what the majority believes is right or they wouldn't believe it. We are taught that there is absolute right and wrong, and we cannot and should not determine that for ourselves. We have the right and the ability to provide health, happiness, peace and prosperity for ourselves according to our own needs and desires. But just because someone can't provide those things for themselves, they want you to think that YOU can't.

You do not have to accept the limitations and hindrances imposed upon you by others. You can heal yourself without dangerous medications, educate yourself without a teacher or school, provide for yourself and your family without being employed by someone else, and without doing traditional work, you CAN rear your children WITHOUT punishment of any kind and they can turn out to be happy, cooperative, mentally and emotionally competent people, you CAN have mature, equalitarian relationships that defy the traditional man/woman relationships, you CAN give birth safely at home, outside the stressful, dangerous hospital environment, and you CAN be spiritually whole and totally acceptable just the way you are, without the help or approval of a a deity, religious institution or minister. There is nothing you can't do if you want to, and if you realize the obstacles are illusions.

Perhaps you are thinking, "But I DO need help. I don't know how to heal myself, change my perceptions of reality or make miracles happen in my life." We're not talking about doing miracles. We're talking about using the laws of quantum physics to shape the reality you want for yourself. The laws of physics are what human beings for millions of years have been calling "God." Whole religions have been created to explain what humans have accepted as supernatural and which is, in reality, a manifestation of our physical universe.

At one time, the church taught that the earth was the center of the universe. It was believed that people with epilepsy were possessed by demons. And people who heard voices because they were mentally ill believed God spoke to them. Over the centuries, human beings have believed many things that are false. We now have the tools to discover what makes things happen as they do, and to use the laws of nature to our advantage. You CAN remove the obstacles that are in your life. Perhaps you don't know how to do these things right now, but you can learn. This requires changes in your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

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