Thursday, September 11, 2014

What to Do with That Placenta?

Making Placenta Essence

After the placenta has been delivered, and you have inspected it to make sure no pieces were left behind in the uterus, what do you do with that organ?  It seems so wasteful and disrespectful to just discard it in the trash after it has so faithfully provided a link between you and your baby.  Just what do some people do with the placenta?

Some will honor the placenta by allowing it to continue to nourish another life form.  Many families plant a tree in honor of the newborn, and place the placenta under the new tree to nourish it just as it nourished the baby while in your womb.

Just as in nature, where many species of animal eat their placentas to give themselves strength, some will cook the placenta in a stew with vegetables for an honorary meal.

Still others will use it to make Placenta Essence.  This can be very helpful for postpartum depression, or anytime you need a little hormonal help.  This recipe was shared by Ril Giles from Canada,

For this recipe, you will need a 40 oz. bottle of vodka or some other non-smelling, non-colored drinkable alcohol.   This amount will make enough essence to last your whole life.  If you want less, just use less vodka.

You'll also need a mason jar.  A small one, a quart size, or one of those large ones they use for pickling eggs in.   The size will depend on how much essence you want to make.  Take your placenta once born and still fresh, and put a fair sized piece of it in the jar you are going to use.  If using the large pickling jar size, you can put the whole placenta in.  Whatever size you use, cover the piece of placenta completely with distilled water.

Place the jar in the sunlight or in a well-lit room for about 4 hours.  Once done, take the piece of placenta out and add enough vodka so that its 50% vodka and 50% placenta water.

Keep it this way to preserve it, it will last the rest of your life.

Now, to put it in usable form, get a small bottle with a dropper top.  Put 50% regular water and 50% vodka in the bottle, then add 7 to 10 drops of the placenta water to the bottle.

This seems like a very small amount, but it has been said that it works through the energy of the placenta water and the vibrational properties of it.  Many women that have had PPD swear by it.

If you want the placenta water to be stronger and more the color of strong tea, use a larger piece of placenta in a smaller bottle.

It is important that this is done when the placenta is strong and very new, so if you don't feel like doing it yourself while hubby holds the baby, you may need someone else to do this for you.

I have been told that it doesn't matter how much placenta you use as long as you follow the instructions well and it is completely submerged in the water.

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