Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What Will Home Birth Be Like?

Before you actually go into labor, you will have given a lot of thought to what you want your birth to be like.  Some women who birth at home choose to birth with a midwife. Some women choose to birth unassisted.  In unassisted birth, there is no doctor, midwife, or other medical personnel present.  Some women who birth unassisted have only their husband/partner present because they feel the birth should be as private and intimate as the the conception was.  Some women have their other children or a friend present.    Some women who birth unassisted desire to give birth to their children alone because they feel it is a totally private experience between them and their baby.  I hope you will want to find out more about the wonderful experience of Unassisted Childbirth.

In a home birth, you get to choose exactly how you want your birth to go.  You are in charge. Of course, you will have done your homework and educated yourself about normal birth and how not to hinder your body from doing what it was designed to do.  You will have prepared yourself to Take Responsibility for your own health and health of your baby.

If you are giving birth unassisted, there will be no need to call anyone when you go into labor.  There will be no need to time contractions or assess dilation.  Those are things medical people need to do to feel comfortable attending to you, but they are not necessary for you to have a good birth.  Your body knows how to give birth and will do so normally and naturally as long as you don't interfere.  Interference is what normally causes complications.

Women who give birth unassisted have found that they instinctively know what to do while they are giving birth.  If their bodies are uncomfortable in the position they are in, they change until they find a comfortable position, or a position in which labor is enhanced.  In this way, their bodies tell them the best position for birth.  They also need no special breathing techniques or other labor coping techniques.  Their bodies automatically urge them to breathe faster or slower when they need to.  They feel free to make sounds or vocalizations which help the labor move along.  All because, in the privacy of their own homes, they feel free to do whatever feels right with no restrictions placed on them.  That is what makes their births easier and safer.
At a home birth, whether you have assisted or unassisted birth, you will not receive pain relief drugs of any kind.  In most cases you will not need them.  Midwives cannot legally dispense drugs or do anything which constitutes practicing medicine, such as c-sections.

At a home birth, you will be able to use a variety of techniques such as water birth,  lotus birth,  the squatting position, and you will be able to conduct your birth with the sacredness of the birth experience in mind. You can feel free to incorporate into the birth any religious or spiritual practices that are meaningful to you.
Above all, you will be able to be relaxed and unafraid. 

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