Sunday, September 14, 2014

Why Eat Organic?

According to the Pesticide Action Network (PAN), data collected by the Centers for Disease Control showed that in a study of more than 2,648 people in which they were testing for 34 different pesticides, the average participant in the study carried 13 out of the 23 pesticides that PAN evaluated.  According to a report by USA Today in which they spoke with Margaret Reeves, a senior scientist at PAN, many of the pesticides in the study have been linked to infertility, birth defects, cancer and other serious health problems.  According to a quote from Dr. Reeves, "A growing body of research suggests that even at very low levels, the combination of these chemicals can be harmful to our health." (1) The PAN study also found that children between 6 and 11 years old were exposed to the nerve-damaging pesticide chlorpyrifos at four times the level deemed acceptable by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Chlorpyrifos is designed to kill insects by disrupting the nervous system.  

Another issue is the genetically-modified food issue.  Genetically-modified foods are dangerous. They create human toxins and poisons in the foods they inhabit; they have been

shown to increase cancer risk; genetically-modified foods are lower in food quality and nutrition; some genetically-modified foods have what are called antibiotic resistant marker genes which many doctors and researchers fear will contribute to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance in humans; genetically modified crops also allow the farmer to spray three times the normal level of pesticides on the plants without damaging the crop, which means you are eating foods that contain three times the pesticides; because the creation of genetically-modified foods requires gene splicing, this inevitably results in the unintentional creation of new viruses and bacteria since these plants are engineered to resist viruses, so the viruses mutate into new forms.

What does this have to do with organic foods?  Certified Organic Foods are REQUIRED to be NON-Genetically modified in order to be certified as organic. So the best way to protect yourself from GM foods is to buy only organic.  Currently, more than 75% of all processed foods contain genetically-modified ingredients. And you can't really tell by the label whether the foods are GM.  To read a more thorough discussion of this subject see

The Future of Food is a documentary on the very real problems of genetically modified foods. You need to watch this video!!!

Here is a great resource.  It's a site called True Food Now and it gives a list of which foods at the store contain genetically modified ingredients and which are safe to eat.This is just some of the news about pesticides and genetically-modified foods and how deadly they are.  There are many other studies and reports I could have cited.  But the question is, WHY should we put these poisons in our bodies when certified organic foods that are free of pesticides are available to us?

The extra cost of organic foods is not a good excuse.  First of all, organic foods are becoming more and more affordable as the demand for them increases.  In an article by Colleen Huber of Naturpathyworks, she compared a typical processed food menu with a typical organic food menu, went to the store and priced all the products, and found that one can buy an all organic diet for actually a few cents less per week than the typical processed food diet. Also, even if it did cost more, my investment in my family's health is more important than anything else, and I would gladly spend the extra money to make sure their food supply is healthy and safe.  You could think about giving up that newspaper subscription, cable television, going to the movies, and lots of other stuff in order to make room in your budget for organic foods.  Walk to work or take the bus instead of drive, that will save you lots of money in today's high priced fuel market.

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Besides, if you grow some yourselves, that will cut the cost.  Start a grower's coop in your city and share the chores of growing the foods with others interested in gardening and living organically.

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