Monday, September 22, 2014

Why Unhindered Living is NOT a License to Harm Others

The idea of Unhindered Living is that people should be allowed to be free to pursue the life they want to live, whether anyone else likes it or agrees with it or not. It is our position that a person ought to be able to live any way they choose, as long as living that life does not physically harm another person or violate their personal freedom. 

There should be no question that the Center for Unhindered Living does not endorse, either directly or by implication, any activity that would harm another person, such as murder, torture, rape, kidnapping, child abuse, or neglect.  Unhindered Living refers to the free exercise of one's choices to better oneself by embracing a lifestyle that gives them joy and fulfillment. Clearly, if one gets joy and fulfillment out of harming another person, this is NOT Unhindered Living.  A person who would live that kind of lifestyle is hindered in the worst possible way, and is encouraged to seek help to remove these hindrances. 

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