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Why You Are Better Off Avoiding Doctors and Treating Yourself

In 2000, a study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association entitled "Is US Health Really the Best in the World?"  In this article, the following statistics were revealed:

20 to 30% of patients receive contraindicated care

Of 13 countries compared (Japan, Sweden, Canada, France, Australia, Spain, England, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium, the United States and Germany) the United States ranked 12th - second from the bottom in quality of care. 

12,000 deaths per year from unnecessary surgery
7,000 deaths per year from medication errors in hospitals
20,000 deaths per year from other errors in hospitals
80,000 deaths per year from nosocomal infections in hospitals
106,000 deaths per year from non-error adverse effects of medications
The United States is 13th in neonatal mortality and infant mortality in the above list of 13, and 33rd on the worldwide list.  That means 32 countries have better infant mortality statistics than we do, and many of them are third world countries. 

These adverse events were those reported ONLY where the adverse reaction resulted in death.  This does not include adverse reactions that resulted in disability or discomfort.  

There was a high degree of correlation between income inequality and poor outcomes.

U.S. children were more disadvantaged than the elderly (even though children qualify for free healthcare through Medicaid and seniors qualify for Medicare) and both children and the elderly were more disadvantaged than the rest of the population. 

A staggering quote:  "Definitive explanation for the relatively poor position of the United States continue to be elusive."  In other words, they can't understand what it is about our medical system that causes these poor outcomes. 

Many people want to point to the fact that 30% of our population does not have insurance as a reason for the poor health outcomes.  This makes no sense, however. The poor outcomes listed above were for those who DID receive treatment.  

Also, before I had insurance, I spent two weeks in the hospital and received excellent care, in my opinion, even though I had no insurance.  

No one stops to consider that the reason we have such poor numbers is that there is something INHERENTLY wrong with the way the United States (and many Western countries) approach the concept of what causes disease and how to treat it.  

If I were in an accident and were about to die, I would not want to be in any other country in the world other than the United States.  We do have the best emergency care available anywhere.  However, we are woefully inadequate in dealing with chronic, degenerative diseases, and these are mostly what people die from. 

Visit our Emancipated Healthcare page to learn about another way of looking at what causes disease and how you can heal yourself, on your own.

In our country today, we are encouraged to visit our doctor at least once per year, and we are also admonished to seek the advice of a physician before doing almost anything.  We have been led to believe that our physician is the authority on what is best for us, and that we are foolish for not consulting our physician and trusting what he or she says.

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, M.D., in his book "How To Have A Healthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor," gave some very sound advice, advice which is being repeated more and more by health care professionals today..."Avoid your doctor whenever you can."

Today we run to the doctor when we have a headache, a queasy stomach, or a case of constipation.  We take our children in if they have a fever, however slight, if they aren't sleeping through the night, or if they aren't eating as much as we think they should.  Your doctor can no more tell you what is causing these things than your lawyer or your mechanic.  From the medical perspective, there are hundreds of things that can cause headaches, nausea, constipation, or fever.   So, to make you feel as if they are doing something to help you, they will prescribe an antibiotic or painkiller, even though they have no idea if these things will help or if you really need them at all.

Doctors are not taught to wait and see if things get better.  They are not taught to have faith in the body's amazing ability to heal itself.  They are taught to intervene with expensive and dangerous tests and drugs, most of which interrupt the natural healing process and make the patient's condition worse in the long run.  It is a fact that the majority of the ailments in the world today are the result of our own lifestyle choices, and can be reversed most effectively by altering our lifestyle rather than through visiting the doctor and taking his or her advice.  In fact, you are often in more danger by visiting the doctor than you are by using your own common sense to care for yourself.  Feeling competent to care for yourself only takes a little education; it doesn't require a medical degree.

There is really only one disease in the whole wide world....a broken down immune system.  We usually think of headaches, nausea, dizziness, and constipation as symptoms, and things like whooping cough, diverticultis, and cancer as diseases.  Actually, all these things are simply symptoms of the same disease.  The treatment for each of these conditions should be the same....building up the immune system, removing toxins, and correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  When this is done, all disease ceases.  The person becomes totally well, irrespective of which "disease" condition was manifesting itself.  It is a fairly simple process, and one which does not require a doctor's care or advice.

In my own life, I have sat at the bedside of many family members and watched them suffer not only with disease, but with the side effects of toxic medical treatments.  I have then seen those family members get out of the hospital, go home, and cure themselves.  I prefer to allow my body to cure itself, and I assist my body in doing this through supporting my immune system with the proper nutrition, and removing from my life the obstacles to healing.

Here is an example of how going to the doctor and taking treatment can actually make your condition worse.

Let's say you have a fever.  Fever is not bad for you.  It is not dangerous.  We have been led to believe that we should not let a fever get high.  Actually, increasing the body's temperature is the way the immune system fights disease.  The body has a built in mechanism which will not let the temperature exceed 106 degrees.  It will never go to 107 degrees, because the body will not allow it.  If it starts to go that high, some people will have what is called a febrile seizure.   However, studies have shown that these seizures are not dangerous, do not damage the brain, and do not predispose you to later illness.  They are simply the brain's way of relieving pressure.  They do not happen to everyone, but when they do, they are nothing to be concerned about.  

Febrile seizures happen mostly to children, and to parents who are uninformed, they can seem terrifying.  But they actually cause no damage, and are a healthy part of the body's healing process.  Most people never have one.  When a fever goes as high as 106, that is a signal that you need to build your immune system, because it shouldn't have to go that high to heal your body.  So fever is healthy and is a good indicator to you of where your immune system is.

Most people get a fever, they feel hot, achy, and uncomfortable.  They will usually try to lower the fever or reduce their discomfort by taking an aspirin or acetaminophen product.  These products reduce pain and discomfort by inhibiting the production of prostaglandins, hormonal substances which help send pain messages to the brain.  The only problem is, those same prostaglandins are necessary for the immune system to function and fight off the illness.  The antibodies your immune system manufactures require prostaglandins.  In the process of trying to reduce your discomfort and reduce the fever, you have also reduced your immune system's effectiveness.  This is in essence why drugs and routine interventions are not helpful and should be avoided.  When you get in the way of what the body knows it should be doing, you are keeping yourself from getting well at the fastest possible rate.

Now, if you aren't able to get better at home by taking aspirin or acetaminophen, you will probably go to the doctor.  Your doctor might take a blood test or throat culture to see if you have one of the few bacterial or viral infections that can be identified.  However, more often than not, he's not going to go to that trouble, because most of them can't be identified.  So your doctor will probably prescribe you an antibiotic, even if he's not sure that it will work.  The word antibiotic means literally, "against life."  It is against all life, even yours.  Not only does it kill bacteria, it also kills helpful, healing substances in your body.

For instance, in your intestinal tract you have healthy bacteria that MUST be there in order for your body to heal itself.  When you take antibiotics, it not only kills any unhealthy, pathogenic bacteria in your body, it also kills this healthy bacteria.  The healthy bacteria keeps the bad bacteria in check, keeps fighting it off in your intestinal tract so that you stay healthy.  But you have just killed it all, so after you stop taking the antibiotics, your immune system is weaker than when you started.  It takes time for your immune system to build back up, and during this time of building, toxic yeast bacteria is building up in your colon, because in your weakened state, it can multiply faster than the good bacteria.  Any time a person takes antibiotics, they have set themselves up for a lifelong struggle with a systemic yeast condition which will be the foundation for many future health problems.  Couple this with the fact that most people do not eat a diet capable of assisting the body in wiping out the bacteria which cause disease, and there is little hope that this person is going to live a life free of disease unless they somehow learn what to do to break the cycle of disease.  Candida yeast releases 79 different toxins into the blood stream, which cause a variety of diseases and effects.  Most often, the cause of these diseases is never traced back to the yeast problem, but it most assuredly is the cause.

If more people knew this information, perhaps they would never take antibiotics in the first place.  If you have a bacterial condition, there are ways to boost your immune system without taking drugs.

Many of you are probably confused as to why someone would want to avoid a seemingly benign visit to the doctor which is designed only to detect the beginnings of disease before it really gets out of hand.   There are a number of reasons, the first of which is to simply avoid the aggravation of having to argue with the doctor at every turn.  I do not espouse the same view of disease and healing the the doctor does, therefore his or her assessment of my condition and recommendations of treatment usually do not coincide with mine.  So why would I go in the first place?

According to Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. in his landmark book, "Male Practice:  How Doctors Manipulate Women", "That may sound contradictory if Modern Medicine has convinced you that regular visits to the doctor's office are vital way stations on the road to a long and rewarding life.  Believe me, they're not.  The door to the doctor's office ought to bear a surgeon general's warning that routine physical examinations are dangerous to your health.  Why?  Because doctors do not see themselves as guardians of health, and they have learned precious little about how to assure it.  Instead, they are latter-day Don Quixotes, battling sometimes real but too often imaginary diseases.  The disastrous difference is that doctors are not tilting at windmills.  Rather, it is people who are damaged by their insistent search for dubious diseases to conquer" (p. 1).

"There is no limit to the ingenuity of Modern Medicine in diagnosing diseases--or non-diseases--that it can treat.  Doctors have been taught to seek, find, and treat illness, not to help you maintain good health.  Consequently, when you visit your doctor for a routine physical checkup, it doesn't make much difference how healthy you are or how good you feel.  Your naked and defenseless presence in his examining room is an open invitation to the doctor to declare that you are sick.  By the time you've been psychologically traumatized by his questions, poking, prodding, and testing, and you have taken a few of the pills he prescribes for the innocuous aberrances he has found, you may very well experience so many side effects that you really are sick" (p.2).

Remember, this is a medical doctor saying this, telling us just exactly how useless and even dangerous yearly medical checkups can be.

According to a National Survey, 65% of Primary Care Doctors say that routine checkups are unnecessary, but nearly 90% of them still perform the exams!The poll, conducted in 2002 by Dr. Allan Prochazka and colleagues at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, appears in the Archives of Internal Medicine.  The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force declared there is insufficient evidence of any benefit from many of the tests often given with yearly checkups, including many urine tests, blood sugar tests for diabetes, and thyroid tests.

OK, what's going to happen when I go to the doctor?

First, they are going to take my blood pressure and weigh me.  I can do that myself at home.  Anyone can learn to take their own blood pressure, and of course everyone knows how to weigh themselves.  120/80 is considered a pretty average blood pressure.   Instructions for taking your own blood pressure can be found by clicking here.  If you know your baseline pressure, which is what it usually averages on a daily basis, then you can determine if it's high.  A rise of 20 over the top number and 15 over the bottom number is usually considered high.  Although 120/80 is an average, some people's normal daily pressure can be a little higher or lower and not be dangerous at all.

Blood pressure can shift up and down throughout the day in response to your activities, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, stress, excitement, or heavy exercise, like lifting weights.  Also, mineral imbalances in the blood stream can cause changes in blood pressure.

When the blood pressure is too high for a long period of time, the interior of the blood vessels often get smaller. Once this happens, it becomes more difficult for the heart to pump blood throughout the body, which creates a strain on the heart. It also increases the pressure of the blood against the walls of the blood vessels.

There are two answers to this problem:  make the walls of the blood vessels stronger, and remove whatever problem is causing the pressure to be high.  Vitamin C strengthens the walls of blood vessels, so we supplement our diet with natural Vitamin C.  Vitamin C also reduces the amount of "bad" cholesterol in the blood stream (although cholesterol does NOT cause high blood pressure as some have suggested).   Doctors often prescribe diuretics to lower blood pressure.  Natural diuretics include watermelon, cucumber, and hawthorne berries.   We also take a highly absorbable calcium/magnesium supplement because this will regulate the excess fluid in the system.   It will also reverse the acidic pH which causes damage to the lining of the arteries and makes lining the arteries with cholesterol necessary.  Sometimes blood thinners are prescribed.  Garlic is an excellent blood thinner and is known to reduce blood pressure and increase heart health.  Vitamin E has been shown to help reverse the damage to arteries and help remove plaque buildup.  The combination of Vitamins B12, B6 and Folic Acid have shown to reverse heart disease in many people. I take a sublingual B12 supplement because the combination of B12, B6 and Folic acid have been shown to reduce homocysteine levels in the blood. Homocysteine is a by-product of protein metabolism that damages the arteries.

One reason blood thinners are often necessary is that people have such an unhealthy diet and lifestyle that their blood cells are malformed and begin to stack up in a rouleaux formation.  Instead of floating freely in the blood and being nice and round, they begin to stack together like coins, and the blood becomes thick like sludge.  Looking at a sample of this blood under the microscope, it looks like toxic waste.  The stacks of blood cells make their way through the blood and resemble long worms.  In some people's blood, cells look like they've been exploded from the inside, and have holes in them or look like they have bites taken out of them.

Some stick together in clumps called red cell agglutination.  It isn't hard to imagine that people whose blood looks like this are sick in one way or another.  Can you imagine these large clumps or cords of blood cells trying to make their way through the arteries?  If several get clogged in the same place at just the right time, it could significantly obstruct the flow of blood to the heart or brain.  When the blood begins to show these types of formations, the body is involved in a chronic inflammatory response.  In other words, the immune system is trying to get rid of things that don't belong in the body.   It can be an infectious disease, an auto-immune disease in which the body attacks its own tissues, a malignant cancer, or some type of inflammatory condition.

Usually, red blood cells have a negative charge, and therefore repel each other when floating freely in plasma.  However, certain plasma proteins are positively charged, and cause the cells to stick together.  Your immune system recognizes certain proteins as foreign substances, based upon your blood type.  Each blood type as certain foods that the person with that blood type should not eat because the proteins, or lectins, in those foods will be seen by that blood type as foreign.  Then the immune system targets those proteins and the inflammatory response begins.  One of the things which can digest these proteins are live enzymes from raw fruits and vegetables.  So the person who wants to stop this inflammatory response should abstain from those foods which contain the offending proteins, and should clean their blood using live enzymes.  To see a list of those foods which you should avoid for your particular blood type, see the book Eat Right 4 Your Type.

In testing subjects live blood, the Accu-Balancing Technique has been shown to improve the health and appearance of red blood cells within minutes of use. 
In the way of preventative health care, we avoid the use of hydrogenated fats and refined sugar, which studies have shown to be extremely harmful to cardiac health.  It's this deadly combination which causes the plaque that lines the arteries of heart disease patients.   Eating foods with cholesterol does NOT cause this problem.   We do NOT use margarine, shortening, or any processed foods which state that hydrogenated fat is part of the ingredients.  We use organic olive oil, organic coconut oil and organic butter for cooking.

In our family, we have a blood pressure cuff we can use to check our blood pressure, but we rarely ever use it.  We have learned to sense when our blood pressure is high by the way we look and feel.

Also, it is NOT true that extra weight causes high blood pressure.  A wrong correlation has been made.  Doctors observed that people who are overweight often have high blood pressure, and assumed that it's the extra weight causing the problem, when actually the high blood pressure and the extra weight are often caused by the same thing:  poor diet which causes multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, acidic blood ph, and blood sugar issues also caused by multiple deficiencies.   As an example, my mother weighed around 300 pounds for most of her life, but her blood pressure was always normal.  The reason for this?  She had good nutrition and took supplements which supported good health.  Extra weight is not necessarily a health hazard.   Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are what cause disease.   My grandmother also weighed almost 300 for most of her life, and she did not start having any heart problems until she was 90 years old, and this was mostly from old age rather than from weight.

For those who want to lose weight, I recommend Dr. Mercola's Total Health Program.  It is highly effective, in reducing or curing many degenerative diseases.
So, I do not need to go to the doctor to deal with my blood pressure or weight.  I can very effectively take care of that on my own.

Another reason people go to the doctor:   cancer screenings, mammograms, pap smears, prostate tests.  The whole nine yards.   People are so deathly afraid of cancer.  Well, they should be MORE afraid of the treatments doctors prescribe for cancer, because the treatments are more dangerous than the disease itself.

Cancer is something we do to ourselves, and it is something we can reverse ourselves as well.  Our family lives a lifestyle which discourages cancer.  If I went to the doctor for a test, and learned I had cancer, I would not do anything differently that what I am already doing.  So, I just live the anti-cancer lifestyle, and go on about my business.

Some people ask me, "What if you found a lump in your breast, wouldn't you have it taken out?" NO, I would not.  The body is capable of dissolving any tumor that it creates.  In fact, all of us have cysts or tumors all the time which come and go, and we are never aware of it, because our body creates and destroys them all the time.   Surgery is much more traumatic to the body than any degenerative disease state.  Please believe me, my mother has had cancer, I have seen all the treatments, and I know firsthand how destructive they are.  She is dead now because of the effects of their treatments, not because of the cancer. 

A great tumor dissolving program can be found in the books The Cure for All Cancers and The Cure for All Advanced Cancers by Dr. Hulda Clark.  This is a 21-day program to dissolve tumors and it's great!

She also has another book called The Cure for All Diseases.  Check it out also!
The pH of the body is very important.  Cancer cannot exist in the body if the pH in the blood, organs and tissues is above 5.7

We test our pH regularly and include a lot of fruits and vegetables in our diet to alkalinize the system.  The super green food product I mentioned before also performs this function well.  It is a totally alkaline product.  To start measuring your own pH for preventative health purposes, click here.

Another reason I would not go to the doctor is that there is a high false positive rate with all these tests that they perform.   Breast tumor biopsies are no exception.  The density of women's breast tissue changes throughout their life cycle.  Mature breast tissue is more dense, and often a diagnosis of a tumor is given when none really exists.  See my article "Your Health Watchdog" which refers to studies done on mammograms and breast biopsies and how inaccurate they are.

There is no degenerative disease that I can inflict upon myself that I also cannot reverse myself.  Drug treatment is toxic to the body, and does not reverse the cause of the disease, but only masks the symptoms.

It is a well known fact, reported in health department studies, that doctors and hospitals are the third leading cause of death in this country.  So why would I want to subject myself to them?

I also refuse to participate in the American Health Care System because it is fueled by the insurance industry.  We do not have health insurance because we refuse to allow a company to take our money and then try to dictate to us where we can spend it.  We want to be able to decide for ourselves which health care providers we will see and what tests or treatments we will have.  We believe the fees they charge are outrageous, and then they won't even let you see the provider that you want.  So we refuse to be part of this extortion.  We simply put money into savings every month to use for health care needs rather than paying it to an insurance company.

Living an Unhindered lifestyle means that I am in charge!  I get to decide what is best for me and my children based upon my own beliefs.  No government, hospital, school or church is going to hinder me from the lifestyle that I believe is right.  That is why we tend to our own health care needs, homeschool our children, and worship privately at those institutions cannot control us or the minds of our children.

Yearly or monthly well-baby checkups are equally if not more dangerous than the adult ones.  Why?  Because this is where the indoctrination begins.  This is where the doctor begins to start convincing you that he is indispensible to you in the rearing of your children.  Again, Dr. Mendelsohn says, "He'll advise unsound dietary practices in lieu of breast-feeding, administer dangerous inoculations, and solemnly collect statistics on length, weight, and when the baby rolls over, sits up, walks, talks, and stops wetting the bed.   All of these data are entered into a dear little book, which makes a nice momento.  They're also compared with a lot of data on pediatric progress that is recorded on the doctor's meaningless charts - which makes trouble.  If baby fails to conform to the average height and weight, or to perform its gymnastics at precisely the right point in time, the pediatrician will seize the opportunity to launch the poor child on a lifetime of medical intervention.  He probably won't tell [the mother] that the standard weight chart used by most doctors was drawn decades ago from a sample of 200 Irish kids in a Boston neighborhood and has little or no relevance to her child" (p. 3).

Also, most height and weight charts use formula-fed babies as the standard, and breast-fed babies, when compared with these charts, will erroneously tend to look as if they are not gaining weight properly.  If for some reason you feel compulsive about comparing your baby to these charts, you needn't go to the doctor to do this.  Go to your library and check out a pediatric textbook.  There is a height and weight chart in there you can make a copy of, and then just weigh and measure your baby yourself each month.  You needn't pay the doctor to do that, nor subject the baby to the dangers of a doctor's visit.   Or, you can go to and see the updated Center for Disease Control's Children's Growth Charts, using a sampling of both breast-fed and formula-fed babies.  See, you don't need the doctor for this.
The main reason that doctors want to see your kids on a regular basis is to make sure they are injected with dangerous immunizations which cause immune system damage, don't really confer true immunity, and can permanently damage or kill your child.  See my page on Vaccinations:  The Assault on the Human Immune System
There are a lot of resources there to help you learn about this important subject BEFORE deciding to put these dangerous substances into the body of your children.
I encourage you to become unhindered.  Be in charge of your own life, don't give it away to the doctors, church officials and government schools.  You can still believe in God, worship the way you choose, or not believe at all, teach your children what you think is right, and not be involved in any of these institutions.  Our children are very active, healthy, productive members of our community without being involved with any of these institutions.

In short, we don't need doctors.  All the information doctors have is available to us as well through books, medical journal articles, and practical experience.  Anyone who wants to get that information doesn't have to pay a doctor to get it.  Here are some good resources for information:

National Library of Medicine - PubMed - Free Public Access to Medline
Free Medline Search at
Web MD
Health World Online
HealthWorld Online Alternative Medicine Center

If you feel you need a medical diagnosis but don't want to go to the doctor, here is a website with diagnostic software that will give you a free report on what's probably wrong with you, after you complete an extensive questionnaire.  You can have it evaluated by a doctor for a fee, but the computerized software diagnosis is free.  DIAGNOSE-ME.COM  

NOTE:  Whether or not to visit your health care practitioner is your own, individual decision and responsibility.   In this article, I have discussed why I and my family do not visit the doctor on a regular basis.  This does not constitute medical advice.   I cannot advise another person what to do.  I can only tell you what I would do in a similar circumstance.

Visit our Emancipated Healthcare page to learn about ways to care for yourself without getting involved in the medical healthcare arena. 

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