Sunday, October 05, 2014


If you want to protect your cardiovascular system and your liver, you are better off to eat the whole cranberries rather than the liquid extract or dried supplement.  This is due to the fact
that it is the synergy between the nutrients contained in the cranberries rather than one particular extracted nutrient that makes the difference.  The cancer preventative effects extend to breast, colon, lung and prostate.  For the most part, treating UTI's with cranberry only works for women who experience recurrent UTI's.  It also helps with stomach ulcers caused by bacteria.  It encourages apoptosis, which is programmed cell death of cancer cells. As always, it is recommended you get a combination of 9 fruits and vegetables daily, with at least 5 of these being fruits.  This is where the antioxidants are!  The more colorful the food, the more antioxidants.  This is what your diet should primarily consist of, with a little protein, some seeds and nuts and as little grain as possible.  Any fruits and vegetables are good, but we recommend that the majority of your foods come from our food list.  

These values can be found in the document "Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity of Selected Foods - 2007" USDA

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