Monday, October 06, 2014


The fruit sugar in raisins is more digestible than the cane sugar or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) found in candy, and raisins won't wreck havoc with your blood sugar levels the way that HFCS does. And despite being sweet and sticky, raisins don't contribute to tooth decay the way that regular candy does, either. Not only that, but raisins also contain a phytonutrient known as oleanolic acid, which helps promote good oral health by destroying the bacteria that causes cavities. Raisins are a good source of iron and fiber.  One single tablespoon of raisins contains one gram of fiber. Raisins are also a good source of Boron, which is vital to the absorption of other minerals.  Raisins also contain a fair amount of antioxidants. 

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