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Our food supplies used to be full of many valuable trace minerals.  Zinc, iron, and chromium  are the ones people hear about most often and are most familiar with.  But there are many more trace minerals and silver is one of them.  Yes, the same silver used to make jewelry, except in a very, very pure form.

We used to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.  I mean, A LOT, because before there were supermarkets, where did people get their food?  They grew it themselves.  That's all there was to eat, and it is estimated that, in the normal daily diet of most people who ate fresh foods, they were getting approximately 14 parts per million of silver in their daily diet.  That's not very much.  That's why it is called a "trace" mineral.  But getting small amounts of these trace minerals is one of the things that was keeping our immune system healthy.

Now that we no longer eat fresh food every day....well, the majority of you don't.....instead you eat frozen, packaged, processed foods mostly, what that means is that you are getting almost NO trace minerals in your diet.  These trace minerals are very susceptible to being destroyed through cooking and processing, so if you aren't eating a significant amount of fresh fruits and vegetables every day, you aren't getting enough.  Also, even if you ARE trying to get fresh fruits and vegetables every day, a Department of Agriculture report has stated that today's fruits and vegetables don't have the same amount of vitamins and minerals they used to have because of modern farming practices that grow the same crops year after year on the same land. are deficient.  You are NOT getting the 14 ppm of silver in your diet that you used to get. So you need a supplement.

The supplement I use is Nutronix International's New Silver Solution.  It ramps up the immune system so that it can fight off bacteria, fungi and viruses.  It's better than any pharmaceutical antibiotic.  I have used it for several years and it's awesome.

Here's where you can purchase The New Silver Solution.

See The Silver Edge for a compilation of many scientific studies on the safety and effectiveness of nano-particulate silver.

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