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Righting an Old Injustice: The Vindication of Laetrile for Cancer Treatment

In August 2014, researchers in Germany published the results of newly completed research on the use of Laetrile (Amygdalin).

Amygdalin Blocks Bladder Cancer Cell Growth In Vitro by Diminishing Cyclin A and cdk2

You may remember that in the 1970's Amygdalin, later called Laetrile, was tested as a treatment for small cancerous tumors in mice.  The results were very positive.  However, the Sloan-Kettering Institute conspired to cover up the results of those trials and a huge scandal ensued.  Laetrile was available as a treatment for cancer in several different countries, but was decried in the U.S. continued research abandoned. 

For a limited time, you can view for free a new documentary featuring Sloan-Kettering employees who talk about their involvement  in trying to get Sloan-Kettering to admit that positive trials had been conducted.  You can see the documentary HERE.  It will only be available for free until January 31st and after that it can be purchased on DVD.  

It is my request that, if you or someone you love is suffering from cancer, or if you care about freedom of choice, that you purchase a copy of this DVD and support this project.

Amygdalin is found naturally occurring inside the kernal of the apricot.  If you cut open the large, hard seed in the middle, inside that is a small, soft seed resembling an almond.  This is the richest source of Amygdalin.  The seeds of berries also include Amygdalin, with red raspberry seeds having the most.  There are other foods that contain Amygdalin but in smaller quantities. 

While Laetrile cannot, in my opinion, be called a "cure" for cancer, it certainly can be said that the research shows it to inhibit tumor growth, provide pain relief, and in general improve the length and quality of life of cancer victims. Certainly, it could be used along with other holistic treatments and lifestyle changes as part of a complete cancer treatment package. 

The bottom line is, do your want other powerful people deciding for you what treatments you can or cannot have?  Certainly, if you have the money to go to Mexico or other countries where you can get intravenous Laetrile, that is great, but what about the poor who can't afford to travel to other countries?  They should have the same chance as everyone else to have effective treatments available to them.

If you choose to use Laetrile, there are certain vendors where you can purchase the apricot kernals in bulk.  This website has a list of vendors.  The vendor list is at the bottom of the page. 

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