Thursday, November 04, 2021

Labs Update - Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, Triglycerides, Vitamin D

 I had promised to post my latest labs. Here they are. A1c is 6.7, a huge improvement. Triglycerides normal, cholesterol lowest it’s ever been, despite being on keto and eating cholesterol all day long.  Itamin D 46, a huge improvement from where I started at 19. Hemoglobin 14.2, which means I am no longer anemic. Yay!

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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Accu-Balancing Technique Resources


If you want to print out each of the pictures below on a separate page, click on the picture. The red dots are the tapping points.

Top of head


Corner of eye

Under eye

Under nose

On chin

On the “sore spot.”

Under arm

On wrists

Back to top of head.

See video for further details.

These pictures are copyrighted to me, but you may print out one copy for your own use. Please don’t distribute.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Keto Cheesy Bacon Chicken Salad - Quick Meal!

 Many of you complain about not having any quick keto meal ideas. So here’s one of my all time favorites.

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Monday, October 11, 2021

Amazon Keto Products Box

 These are keto product I use all the time.

I hope my review of the products is helpful to you.

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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Making Keto Waffles - Come Cook with Me!

 The thought that we should be able to eat anything we want with no consequences is a thought we should question. Sugars, grains and seed oils inflame the body, causing a progression of degenerative disease. But is it really possible to live a life without consuming them? Absolutely yes, it is. 

Here’s a delicious waffle recipe that uses no sugar, starch, or seed oils. Give it a try.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Results of Body Hair Attitudes Survey


This survey was conducted online for a period of a week. 

70% of the respondents to the survey identified as women, 25% identified as men, and 5% identified as other.

The survey consisted of five questions. A summary of the responses is recorded below. 

1.  Do you remove hair from any body parts other than your face?

     Yes, usually - 70%

     Not unless my partner requests it - 5%

     Only before a first date - 5%

     I used to but don’t anymore - 15%

     Never - 5%

2.  Do you remove your pubic hair?

     Yes, usually - 70%

     Only before a first date - 5%

     Only if my partner requests it - 10%

     I used to, but don’t anymore - 10%

     Never - 5%

3.  If your partner has visible body hair someplace other than their face, does that affect your decision to date them?

     Yes - 20%

     No - 80%

4.  If your partner has visible body hair someplace other than their face, does that affect your decision to have sex with them?

     Yes - 20%

     No -  80%

5.  What is your gender? 

     Male - 25%

     Female - 70%

     Other - 5%

The first interesting thing to me is that 70% of people are removing their pubic hair, even though only 20% of people say it matters to them if their partner has it. I wondered if that 70% reflected only females, since 70% of respondents were female, but of those who answered “Yes, usually” to the question of do you remove your pubic hair, 29% were male, 7% were other, and 64% were female. 

The only truly disturbing thing for me was that 20% of people allow visible body hair to be a deciding factor in whether they date someone. We really are a vain bunch. 

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Sexual Intimacy and Chronic Pain


I have Degenerative Disc Disease with Sciatica. This causes daily pain in my lower back, legs and hips. It also affects my neck and shoulders. This condition makes it difficult to pick up anything heavy, twist at the waist without causing muscle spasms, sit cross legged, sit on hard surfaces, go from a supine position to a sitting position without assistance, and much more. It also makes sleeping comfortably in bed for the whole night next to impossible. 

And yet, I’ve learned to make accommodations in my daily life so that I can continue in a somewhat normal manner. Instead of carrying in groceries, I put them in a little cart and push them in. Instead of standing in front of the sink and leaning over to wash dishes, I have a stool I sit on. I have also learned to make accommodations so that I can have a satisfying sex life.

One day my back was acting up, and my partner wanted to have sex. It had been acting up for several days, but I just didn’t want to put off having sex any longer, so we went ahead, with a few modifications. Lying on my side put less pressure on my back, so we opted for that. The rhythmic pelvic motions seemed to gently massage my lower back. As my partner caressed my skin, my pain seemed to recede into the background. 

After a few days of this, my back didn’t seem to hurt as much, and seemed stronger. Could it be that sex is a good way to manage chronic pain?

I went looking for support for this idea. It turns out, there is some. According to Psychology Today,

“…research consistently shows that oxytocin not only increases emotional connection, it also promotes a sense of calm and well-being, and reduces the effects of stress (as measured by blood pressure and cortisol), all of which are relevant in reducing perceptions of pain. In fact, oxytocin is currently being tested as an avenue of treatment for neuropathic and inflammatory pain.” (1)

Oxytocin is released when the skin is caressed or massaged, and during orgasm. Also released are serotonin, phenylalanine, and natural endorphins, all of which increase feelings of satisfaction. 

Even if we just lay in bed, hold each other and caress each others’ skin, this produces a powerful sense of well-being. And for the 30 seconds or so that it takes to have an orgasm, your pain will be totally forgotten. In the minute or two following orgasm, there will still be decreased levels of pain. At least, that’s been my experience. 

And if you are alone, without a partner, well,  orgasm is still possible. Invest in some “toys” and have a go at it. I have found orgasm followed by meditation helps prolong my feelings of physical well-being.


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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Natural Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy, a condition in which tiny blood vessels of the retinas leak, is one of the major causes of blindness in the U.S. It can be avoided by carefully controlling blood sugar. In my case, since I was an undiagnosed diabetic for many years, high blood sugars have caused me to contract this condition.

I am now carefully controlling my blood sugars, but the damage is done. Normal medical therapy for this condition is laser treatments to seal up the bleeding blood vessels. I had this treatment in 2010. I can’t say I was all that pleased with the results. 

I went to a retinal specialist and he said “Now we are going to give you one treatment on your left eye this week, then next week one on the right eye, then the next week, another treatment on the left and then another treatment on the right.” And I said “No.”

“Doctor, I can’t let you work on both eyes at once because if something goes wrong, I have to drive for my job, and I won’t be able to work, and then I will have no insurance and no money to pay you for these treatments.” 

He looked at me with this stone cold look on his face and said, “Well, you could always go on disability. “ 

I said to myself, this guy knows nothing about what it’s like to live on disability. First of all, getting approved is difficult. You can’t get approved if you are still working, so I’d have to quit. Then after you get approved, you aren’t eligible for Medicare for two years. So he wants me to take a 3/4 pay cut and get no medical treatment for two years so I can take his treatments.

“What are the possible side effects from this procedure?”

“None,” he says. 

“Doctor, there is no such thing as a medical procedure without possible side effects.

”He says, “If your vision worsens, it will be because of the progression of your disease, and not because of anything I might do.”

“I am not saying you would do anything wrong. But even if everything goes right, there could still be side effects. Pain, redness blurred vision, anything like that?”


I didn’t believe him. “Well, this is my offer. You can work on the left eye, and if that goes all right, then you can work on the right one.”

He says, “I think that is an extraordinarily foolish decision. If you don’t take these treatments, in a year you’ll be blind.”

It has been 11 years, and I am not blind. Is my vision perfect? No, but I’m not blind.

He finally agreed to work on one eye. After the first treatment, the whole top half of my field of vision clouded up. After the second treatment, the bottom half clouded up, and I had no usable vision in that eye for six months. I had been right. There was pain, swelling, and blurred vision, just the side effects I had been afraid of. I didn’t go back to have the other eye done.

The eye he worked on had no better vision than the other one. Then they wanted to do a vitrectomy, a procedure that terrifies me. No, not for me.

So I have started to look for alternative treatments. One of the functions of Vitamin C in the body is to strengthen the walls of veins and capillaries. So I am assuming I need more Vitamin C if my tiny blood vessels are leaking. In any other part of the body, leaking blood vessels would be called a bruise. What can you do to heal bruises naturally?

According to, “ Individuals who have low iron levels are more susceptible to bruising and experiencing bruises that last a long time. Therefore, it may be beneficial to take iron supplements…Other recommendations include… Eating a healthy diet with iron-rich foods, as well as foods with vitamin C and vitamin K, aid the reabsorption of blood and the healing of bruises as well.”

According to an article in BioMed Central’s Journal, Eye and Vision, 

Nutritional and medical food therapies for diabetic retinopathy,

“We have reviewed the literature for nutritional interventions that support conventional therapies to reduce disease risk and severity. Optimal combinations of vitamins B1, B2, B6, L-methylfolate, methylcobalamin (B12), C, D, natural vitamin E complex, lutein, zeaxanthin, alpha-lipoic acid, and n-acetylcysteine are identified for protecting the retina and choroid.

Large doses of B6, B12, and Folic Acid have also shown to lower homocysteine levels, thereby limiting damage to blood vessels by homocysteine. 

So I am starting a regimen of the above vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Webber Naturals Supervision 50 Plus

Kai Nutritional Yeast Tablets

Ancestral Supplements Beef Liver for Iron

Vitamin D with K2

I have also been doing the Keto Diet and have lowered my A1c from 7,9 to 6.7 without medication.

I will let you know how it goes. 

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Thursday, August 05, 2021

Offering Piano Lessons One Again

 We are finally able to make piano lessons available to our clients once again. 

 $10 per lesson, beginning and intermediate students, adult or child. Lesson fees can be paid in cash or by PayPal - no checks.One months worth of lessons paid in advance.

Lessons are given at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, 720 N. Tejon, in downtown Colorado Springs. 

Students must remain masked if unvaccinated. 

For more info or to sign up, 719-640-0857 or email at

PayPal payments can be sent to

Monday, July 19, 2021

The Value of a Plus-Size Woman


I’m getting ready for a date. I have carefully chosen the most flattering clothing, as all women do. I have carefully applied makeup, arranged my hair, and step back to look in the mirror. Just by virtue of the fact that I am a woman, there is a good chance I will not like what I see. Because no matter who you are, our culture makes you insecure about what you see. And if you are a plus-size woman, you receive even more negative messages than the average woman. 

I use the word “average” but, in fact, plus-size women ARE the average now. Society is only now starting to give us some much needed validation. 

I love Sarah Millican. She’s my favorite comedian. Not only is she hilariously funny, but in a recent show she told the audience, “I’m fatter than I’ve ever been, and I couldn’t give less of a shit.” I love you Sarah, you’re my hero. 

If you are considering asking a plus-size woman out on a date, well, why would you want to when there are so many “normal” women available? A plus-size woman, by virtue of her situation, is an incredibly confident woman. And isn’t confidence attractive? She has to be confident. No one else is validating her, so she has to do it herself. She knows her worth, and she doesn’t need you. So the fact that she WANTS you is a compliment to you. 

She is probably an extremely intelligent person. She’s developed her mind because all her life she’s been told, “you don’t have much of a body, so you better develop your brain.”  And she has, not to prove anything to you, but because she was smart to begin with, and she knows it.

She is more than likely an extremely empathetic person, due mostly to the indignities she’s had to endure. She knows what it’s like to be disregarded, overlooked, and ignored. She knows what it’s like to be thought of as less than human, and she doesn’t want you to ever have to feel that way.

Yet no one ever recognizes her BEAUTY. Yes, the round fullness of her voluptuous curves is beautiful. The softness of her huggable body is a joy. The depth of her emotion is unfathomable. She quivers with delight as you touch her, as you make clear to her that you love to touch her.

Yes, we are confident, intelligent, and empathetic. But we have a beauty all our own, if you take the time to experience it. 

If not, well, frankly, we won’t give you a second thought. Believe it or not, for every one of you who disregards us, there are three who will not. Yes ladies, your confidence and exuberance for life are like a magnet. And the potential partners of truly superior quality will be drawn to you. 

So if you are one of those who says “No thank you,” you’ve proved my point. By choosing to pass up a truly incredible woman, you have showed your unworthiness, and made plain your lack of superior quality. We’re not crying over you. We feel sorry for you, but we’re not losing any sleep over you. 

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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Ethical Non-Monogamy: Is It For You?

Have you ever wondered why 50% of marriages end in divorce? And why half of those who do stay married report being unhappy in their relationships? Only one in four marriages can be considered a success, and yet this is the relationship style that our society touts as the gold standard. Relationship partners who don’t stay married are often blamed for their lack of commitment, and yet our society remains committed to a relationship style that doesn’t work. I would submit to you that it is our relationship model that is flawed, not the humans trying to desperately cling to it.

But marriage and monogamy are not the only viable relationship models. According to the latest research, as much as 6% of the American population is engaged in consensual non-monogamous relationships. That translates into millions of people who have escaped the straightjacket of forced monogamy. No, this is not the same as infidelity. When a partner has been unfaithful, there has been a breaking of trust. Partners who have pledged monogamy and then find themselves straying and using lies and deceit to hide it from their partner is breaking trust with their partner. But when relationship partners design their relationships from the start to include the possibility of other partners, and open, honest communication about such partners is engaged in with the consent of all, there is no breaking of trust. This is ethical and productive.

Consensual non-monogamous relationships can take the form of sex for fun, or “swingers” as they have been called. Or the relationships can be more serious, permanent, and intimate. Polyamory, or “many loves” as the term is defined, usually takes the form of more permanent relationships. There are many forms: one man with two women; one woman with two men, both called “throuples”; two couples of opposite or same genders, and the list can  go on and on. The configuration is limited only by the members’ ability to love. 

Why would anyone in a traditional relationship style want to open up their relationship to other partners? For my husband of ten years and myself, the idea began after a long discussion about evolutionary biology. For most of the millions of years that humans have existed on this planet, they have been polyamorous. Monogamy was only popularized by the Romans 2,000 to 3,000 years ago. Polyamory gave humans an evolutionary advantage, hence the reason it has survived to this day in spite of society’s concerted attempt to stamp it out. 

Our discussion then turned to more practical matters. We agreed that we saw no reason why a relationship in which one of the partners had been “unfaithful” needed to be dissolved, at least, not if the partners understood the causes of such wandering and were willing to be open and honest about them. My husband had always assured me of his love in the strongest terms, and I am secure in that love. In terms of evolutionary biology, however, the need for variety is hardwired into our DNA. It is not a character flaw, it is genetic. His appreciation of a beautiful woman as we walk down the street has nothing to do with inadequacy on my part, and I do not feel threatened by it. I can even share in his appreciation. 

Then my husband asked the million dollar question. If I had sex with someone else, would you be offended? He was very brave to ask, and I appreciated his openness. I gave this a long bit of consideration, but I could find no reason to object. I had no fear he was going to leave me. He has spent the last ten years assuring me daily that I am a cut above any woman he has been with, even though I am obviously not as physically attractive as the average woman. He had convinced me of how incredibly happy he was with me. So I had no fear of rejection. None whatsoever.

The obvious question that I get asked is, if he is so happy, why is he straying? Well, I object to that terminology. He isn’t straying, he is fulfilling unmet needs. Let me answer it this way. What is your favorite food? If you say “cheesecake” then why don’t you eat it every day, for every meal? Because obviously, you might occasionally want something else. Just because I choose steak once in a while doesn’t mean I don’t love cheesecake anymore. I just like a little variety. 

Needing variety isn’t a character flaw. Diversity is actually the key to a healthy species, which is why families that interbreed eventually produce offspring with genetic errors and disease. 

So I told my husband no, I wouldn’t be offended, as long as we discussed each encounter and we were both aware of everything that was going on. Perhaps if the person was someone I liked, we could even make them a permanent part of our relationship. And that’s how we started. 

I have to say that being totally open and honest about all our thoughts and feelings has only served to deepen our relationship. I haven’t regretted it yet.

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